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Kayla Clifton is a supporting antagonist in the British Soap Opera Coronation Street. She appeared as a major antagonist in 2018.

She is portrayed by Mollie Winnard.


Kayla Westbrook first came to Weatherfield in 2018 as a waitress working at Speed Dial. She befriended local residents Bethany Platt and her friend Craig Tinkers, an up-and-coming policeman. As time went on, it became clear that there was more to Kayla than both Bethany and Craig were knowing about.

It is soon revealed that Kayla is actually the daughter of Neil Clifton, a corrupt police officer and Craig's former superior who is currently in prison due to his involvement with a sex ring led by his friend Nathan Curtis. Together with Nathan their accomplice Ian Yardley and fellow sex members, Neil sexually groomed Bethany in the gang to the point of raping her at one stage; Neil was eventually caught out and convicted for Bethany's ordeal, to which Kayla learned about but believed that her father was innocent.

As time went on and despite the efforts of Kayla's mother Marsha attempting to get her to see her father's true colors, Kayla persisted in getting revenge on Bethany and begins to fake a relationship with Craig in order to proceed with her plans. She soon begins to play mind games with Craig and tries sabotaging his relationship with Bethany, who later goes missing after a while of Kayla's vendetta against her. It turns out that Kayla has kidnapped Bethany and plans to hurt her, to which Craig finds out after she and Bethany separately learn that Kayla is Neil's daughter. When Craig confronts Kayla, he forces her to listen to his video recording message of her father admitting to Bethany's rape and threatening Craig into keeping quiet about it.

Following the revelation about her father, Kayla releases Bethany and sets out to confront Neil in police custody. She learns the truth about her father when he denies it, and angrily disowns him before making amends with Bethany and Craig about what has happened. However, Craig ends his friendship with Kayla nonetheless and she leaves the street after parting ways with Bethany in good terms.



  • She appeared 30 times in her duration on the show.
  • Mollie Winnard (the actress who played Kayla Clifton) won the "Best Bad Girl" award at the 2018 Inside Soap Awards for her portrayal of the character.