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For the 1985 incarnation, please see Jackalman.
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Kaynar is a member of the Jackal species in the 2011 Thundercats cartoon series. Kaynar serves the undead sorcerer Mumm-Ra as a General in his army. Kaynar was based on the Jackalman character of the 1985 Thundercats series.

Kaynar is a mentally unstable, brutal, remorseless, bloodthirsty killing machine who had been sprung from the prison he was being held in to serve as a General for Mumm-Ra. Kaynar himself admitted that he had murdered nearly a dozen of his fellow inmates while he was being held in prison.

Mumm-Ra, for his part, thought little of his General. He once stated that Kaynar, along with Addicus, had both been guilty of crimes that were vile even to the likes of him. The other members of Mumm-Ra's army questioned Kaynar's sanity, most especially Addicus. Kaynar would constantly laugh insanely, and had a rather twisted sense of humor. Like Addicus, he enjoyed eating sentient beings, and when some of the Thundercats were being held prisoner Kaynar kept asking Slithe to let him eat some of them.

He was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.


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