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He shall never leave Eurasia alive!
~ Grandmaster Meio issuing an order to eliminate Hiryu

The Kazakh Federation is an antagonistic country featured in the Strider Hiryu manga, its NES adaptation and the 1989 Arcade video game. The federation is a futuristic take on the Kazakh SSR, one of the republics of the Soviet Union at the time the Strider series was being created who is currently the independent state of Kazakhstan. This incarnation has become the center of power and imperial capital of the Russian Empire in the year of 2048, serving the bad guys with their military power.


The Kazakh Federation is a country in Eastern Europe that at some point became the Imperial Capital of Russia, with its center of power being consolidated in its capital city, St. Petersburg. A perfectly regulated society under the control of its corrupt government, the Kazakh Federation maintains control over the entirety of Eurasia as an opressive military dictatorship. In the Arcade game they serve as a puppet government for Grandmaster Meio, who has taken over the whole country as the first step in his plan to conquer Earth.

The city of St. Petersburg is known for its onion-domed cathedrals, mosques and other buildings, and has developed several advanced machines and weapons that could defend these difficult areas. In its current state, the government has boasted that the capital city has an impenetrable defense. It is also known as the city with the closest ties to Grandmaster Meio on Earth.

The reckless ruling of the Kazakh's officer council has only exacerbated the worsening conditions of the country's society, and eventually led to an almost complete economical crash and public dissatisfaction reaching its breaking point. The situation escalated into the creation of rebel factions opposing the government and entering into armed conflicts with the country's troops all across the continent. In this dire situation the Striders are hired to assist in their plight, setting the story into motion.



The Kazakh Federation's government is made up of a ruling party of 24 officers who hold control over the entire Eurasia territory. The council gathers in a large oval chamber within St. Petersburg's Grand Mosque, a domed building located on the heart of the capital city. The officer council is fully devoted on regulating society to their whims, but are known to be unable to do anything unless all 24 members are present.

In the Arcade game the council is head by General Mikiel, and the 24 officers possess the unique ability to merge themselves into a centipede-like creature known as Ouroboros, the Iron Ruler. The council is directly subservient to Grandmaster Meio, the true ruler of the Kazakh Federation and the world at large, and govern over Kazakh and Eurasia in his name.

In the manga the government is only briefly mentioned in dialogue, with the Institute Director mentioning "High officers of the Kazakh government" ("Kazakh High Officer" being one of Mikiel's generic titles in Japan). The Secret Police Commander also wears an uniform identical to Mikiel's, possibly indicating he's also a member of the ruling party.


The Kazakh Federation counts with its own army force extended from the larger Russian Army. Its main force consists of trained soldiers drafted into military service after reaching 18 years of age. Their uniform consists of a winter uniform, a fur hat with an eye visor, brown boots and gloves; and their main weapon is a rifle outfitted with a bayonet blade. Uniform color change according to rank, with higher ranked soldiers wearing red instead.

Besides humans, the army also makes use of several autonomous machines of various designs. These include the four-legged "Mosqueman" robot (created to defend the rooftops of the capital city), the aerial scout machine "Flying Mosqueman", the humanoid high-performance defense machine "Rascal", the bipedal machines "Frog" and "Mr. Elephant" and the small floating turret "Hit Mouse".

Secret Police

A group exclusive of the manga version. An underground police force created by the government to deal with the rebel's uprisings. They are given free rein to take any action in order to take care of rebel forces, and their leaders are capable and willing to execute them on-site so they don't have to pay court fees. The Secret Police owns a number of advanced vehicles including the latest model of tank codenamed "T-48" and a stealth anti-tank chopper, apparently provided by Enterprise as part of an alliance.

The Secret Police is under leadership of its chief (Vice-Commander in the NES game), who himself responds to the Commander. Soldiers in this force wear the same winter uniform, fur hat and visor as the Infantrymen from the Arcade game.

Research Staffs

A group referenced in backstory for the Arcade game. The Kazakh Federation is home to a research academy and teams of robotics engineers and researchers that are put to work in the development of machines and weapons to serve the country's needs. These research staffs are responsible for the many enemy machines Hiryu has to confront in his battle against Meio.

There are two teams in particular noted for their keen rivalry: the Mosqueman Research Staff and the Rascal Research Staff. The two teams developed some of the main enemy machines in the game, with their greatest achievement being the creation of the Anti-Gravity Device, a computer capable of harnessing and controlling gravity.

Desert Soldiers

A small group exclusive of the Arcade game's PC Engine port, featured in its exclusive desert-themed stage. This military group has set up camp in a large desert area close to St. Petersburg, and its soldiers wear olive and camouflage uniforms. Their main weapon is a large Laser Rifle, with some members seen using bazookas as well. The group also possess at least one armed vehicle, a gun-mounted army jeep.

This group is led by a Commander, a man wearing a green military uniform and cap, who gets killed by a giant antlion monster before fighting Hiryu.



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