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Please stop! This little one has barely even awakened! Seriously! You don't understand a thing about this child!!
~ The Director, about the ZAIN Terminal before it is destroyed

The Kazakh Institute Director is a major antagonist in the Strider Hiryu manga, appearing during the third chapter.


The Director is one of the lead researchers in Enterprise's ZAIN Project, conducting experiments to improve the mind control aspect in a secret ZAIN Laboratory hidden within the Kazakh Federation Mental Institute. His most important contribution to the project is the creation of the ZAIN Terminal, a tree-like computer system that supports the Mother ZAIN or central computer, Yggdrasil. He cares for his creation and is attached to it to the point of calling it his child. The Director has been carrying out the development of the ZAIN Project for 30 years, being one of Faceas Clay's most loyal supporters.

He's first seen having an international call with Faceas Clay where they discuss the project's progress. The Director informs him of current research on a new "Bullet"-type ZAIN implant design which eliminates the need for brain surgery, but also informs the brainwashing itself remains flawed as it causes test subjects to suffer hallucinations and strong feelings of paranoia, these constant and growing beliefs that everyone is out to get them eventually end in the complete lost of rational thinking. They also comment on the Striders' recent activity, referring to Hiryu and Sheena's infiltration of the Secret Police HQ and kidnapping of their chief, and the Director assures him the institute is well defended. Moments after the call ends, however, he gets informed Hiryu and Cain infiltrated the building.

The director had been prepared for this as he hired a Special Forces unit led by Commander Keith to protect the complex, but they all get slaughtered by Hiryu effortlessly. Before he can call up reinforcement, Hiryu and Cain break through the wall and find him in the control room. The Director wonders aloud why they are doing this, revealing the Striders are involved in the conspiracy and Hiryu realizes Vice-Director Matic is behind this. Ignoring the Director's pleas Hiryu uncovers the ZAIN Terminal and, disgusted by it, destroys it in one strike. Going mad by these events, the Director starts laughing and mocking Hiryu and Cain for their futile efforts, revealing there exists more terminals all over the world. He's finally consumed by the fire that broke out after the terminal's destruction, and he dies burning while praising Faceas Clay.


The Director sports a typical "mad scientist" design, he is an old man with long gray hair wearing a traditional scientist getup, including a formal shirt, black tie and white lab coat.


The Director displays typical mad scientist traits as well: he's obssessed with his research and has no qualms over experimenting on innocent people and even children in order to progress it. He cares not for the lives he destroys as long as the ZAIN Project can progress, and he has nothing but unwavering praise for Faceas Clay and his plans on controlling humanity in order to lead them into a new era of peace and prosperity.

He displays affection and attachment to the ZAIN Terminal to delusional levels, referring to it as his child and even begging Hiryu to not destroy it because it "barely even" awakened. Its destruction is enough to break his mind, becoming a laughing lunatic that doesn't seem to notice he's being burned alive in the wreck of his laboratory.


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