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Kazari is one of the five Greeed and the secondary antagonist of Kamen Rider OOO. He serves as a minor antagonist of Kamen Rider OOO 10th: Core Medal of Resurrection. He loves screwing with others for his own enjoyment, especially if it suits his agenda.


In human form, Kazari is a tall and lean built man with blonde hair and auburn eyes. He wears a yellow shirt and a short black jacket with brown fur trimming in the hood, sleeves and ends.


True to his nature as a Greeed, Ankh is extremely greedy, avaricious, materialistic, and full of an unquenchable thirst for possession that leads to consuming the world if unchecked. The most treacherous out of the Greed, Kazari is an extremely crafty and manipulative individual who uses anyone to suit his ends. Kazari also has a very jolly and mocking personality, and he is sometimes childish.


Kazari, like the rest of the Greeed, was created 800 years ago through the Core Medals. Along with the other Greeed, Kazari was sealed in a stone coffin until 2010, when Ankh removed the petrified OOO Driver. The first enemy Greed the current Kamen Rider OOO encounters, Kazari offers Ankh a partnership. But when Ankh refuses it as he is using modern technology to suit his goal, Kazari manages to take Uva's Kamakiri Medal from Eiji before losing his Cheetah Medal which he regains later. When Kazari learns that Eiji received one of his Lion Medals, he realizes a third party is involved in the conflict and Kiyoto Maki and sets up a deal with him in hopes of finding his missing Core Medals, diverting from the Greeeds' goal of consumption to one of evolution. This new ideology led to Kazari absorbing Mezool and Gamel's Core Medals so that he can create hybrid Yummies as part of a controlled evolution so he would not end suffering the same fate as their owners.

With the emergence of Ankh's other self, Kazari takes the aspect under his wing as he and Maki execute a plan involving the purple Core Medals. After Uva took Mezool and Gamel's Core Medals from both Kazari and OOO and revived their respective Greeed, Kazari gets the revived Greeed to join his side as they all destroy Uva. However, when Ankh and the revived Uva joined forces with the other Greeed, Kazari is forced to play along until he regains his Core Medals and becomes a complete being. While heavily damaging the systems of Kamen Rider Birth, Kazari is mortally wounded by OOO Putotyra Combo. Found by Maki, who ripped out his Core medals, Kazari is then left to die as he breaks down into Cell Medals and the Lion Medal that contains his existence shatters.

In 10 years, Kazari is revived by his old king from 800 years ago. Summoned to destroy and wreak chaos he wipes out a large portion of the human population in Tokyo alone. At the beginning of the movie he is displayed with his fellow Greeed fighting the rebels led by Shingo alongside trash yummies. They annihilate resistance and maintain dominance for their king before he enters the scene and strikes his blade.

He is seen discussing the fate and current status of the Greeeds with the other members when the King enters and summons Uva to collect the remaining core medals. When Uva fails he scoffs at him before essentially supporting his execution before being warned by Mezeru. At that moment he is assimilated by the ever so greedy King, ending the trickster for good.


"Kazari" comes from the Japanese word kazaru. This is possibly a reference to how his Yummy's physical features appear on their human host until they are consumed.

It may also be a play on the word kaze, which would explain his ability to fire cyclones.


Core Medals



Greeed (Incomplete Form)

Greeed (Complete Form)

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