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Kazarina is one of the two secondary antagonists in Bakugan: Gundalion Invaders. She is Fabias' arch-nemisis who is responsible for the death of Jin, her lover.


Kazarina is cold-hearted Gundalian scientist who is loyal to Barodius so she can be his Queen. She is self-serving to the point that she will dispose of her subordinates to save her own skin, something that annoys Nurzak. Most other Gundalions think she's insane and calls her out on it, which annoys her.

Kazarina thinks highly of herself, disliking the moniker "Mad Scientist" and calling those who try to advise her or oppose her derogatory names. When Nurzak tells her Barodius would be willing to betray her, she calls him an "old man" and thinks him a liar. this shows that she is blindly loyal to the Emperor.

She is also very manipulative, telling Nurzak that she will join him in betraying Bardous only to reveal she was a spy for the Emperor all along.


Kazarina first appears with the other Twelve Orders saying how shes never heard of a Bakugan like Drago, something Gill calls her out on. Later, she is shown hypnotising kids that Ren Krawler's team brought to Gundalia. She is also seen when Bardious says they must get their hands on the element and is also present when she, Gill, and Bardoius warn Ren against betraying them.

Few weeks later she joins Gill and Airzel to battle the casle knights. They sucseed with Airzel and Strikeflier kindapping Elright as a reuslt.

Later she is shown talking to Ren about Neo being a cassle knight Bakugan and tells him to bring Neo to her which failed due to Sid Arkale using him in a battle with Dan. She then takes Rubanoid to her lab to be worked on much to sids horror.

She is shown berating Rens team for their falure to bring the bralwers to them. The twelve orders launch a attack on Nethia battling cassle knights on their way. She later battles Faiba one on one allthough the battle doesnt end due to the orb trasporting all gundalions away.

After Airzel and Stoica failed to keep the bralwers away from the shield genartor she guards it herself and takes Lena Isis as a partner telling her she better not mess up. When Shun arrives she lets Lena fight him, but then sends out Lumagrowl to aid after Phosphos gets beaten. Lumagrowl beats Drago in the first round. In the second round Lena gets taken out of the fight casuing her to battle Shun again. She nearly beats him but Dan and Hacktor arrive to help after beating Lumagorwl the two swtich back their Bakugan where Dan and Drago beat the Gundalion once and for all. Kazarina and Lena retrit after the sheild gets actvated. Back on Gundalia Kazarina prepares to punish Lena when Posposos comes to attack Lumagrwol beats him though and thus Lena gets elimnated. She later tells Gill how she knew that he warned Lena.

Stoica and Kazrina decide to punish Jesse Glenn for their faluries. Once Ren brings him back Plitheon tries to get away from jesse only to have Lumagrowl and Lythirus hold him back Jesse then gets elinmated. On their way to Bardious Nurzak breates the two for getting rid of Jesse.


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