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Don't worry, Masters. I'll defend you from this Sith trash!
~ Kazdan Paratus.
I'm sorry, masters. I've failed you… again.
~ Paratus' last words.

Kazdan Paratus is a major antagonist in the 2008 videogame Star Wars:The Force Unleashed. He was a former Jedi who became insane after fleeing the massacre at the Jedi Temple. Retreating to Raxus Prime, he became a delusional hermit who would animate piles of rubble with the Force into golems that he would then unleash on anyone who came near his recreation of the Jedi Temple.

He was voiced by the late Larry Drake, who also played Robert G. Durant in Darkman, and Dr. Giggles in the titular film.


Kazdan Paratus was an Aleena Jedi who favored his mind over any kind of physical strength. Using both his genius and the Force he created a droid that navigated the Jedi trials perfectly in his place. So impressed was the Jedi Council that they immediately had Kazdan Paratus promoted to Jedi Knight. Kazdan lived to see the Clone Wars but saw little action in it, preferring instead to analyze the droids of the CIS in isolation.

However, when Order 66 came and Darth Vader led his attack on the Jedi Temple Kazdan Paratus panicked and fled. Consumed with grief and guilt over his cowardice, Kazdan went mad. Using the Force to control the rubble on the junkyard planet Raxus Prime, Kazdan recreated the Jedi Temple and even made replicas of the Council members. Fearing that Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine would one day discover him, Kazdan Paratus also created golems of junk animated via the Force and had them attack anyone and everyone who came near his temple.

Eventually Starkiller was sent to slay Kazdan Paratus on Darth Vader's orders. After navigating the junkyard world for a while Starkiller at last came to Kazdan Paratus, who vowed to defend his "masters" from the Dark Jedi. After an intense fight, Kazdan Paratus seemed to get the upper hand, but Starkiller took to destroying the replicas of the Jedi Council members. Believing them to be the real Jedi Masters in his insanity, Kazdan Paratus broke down, allowing Starkiller to mortally wound him. Right before dying, Kazdan Paratus apologized to the Jedi Masters for failing them yet again.


  • Paratus' first name is likely a reference to The Empire Strikes and Return of the Jedi screenwriter, Lawrence Kasdan.


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