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It is fitting that I kill you myself. You two! Leave us! I am going to enjoy thrusting my sword into you!
~ Kazuki Kasen

Kazuki Kasen is the final antagonist in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. He is also the older brother of Kenji Kasen and Asuka Kasen.

He was voiced by Keenan Shimizu.


Early Life

Kazuki Kasen was born in Japan. He moved to the United States with his younger siblings. Later, he married a woman named Toshiko. However, this was an attempt for Kazuki to become the leader of the Yakuza crime syndicate. When he became the leader, he bought a casino to increase the Yakuza's standing in Liberty City. Overtime, the casino was successful and it provided the Yakuza with enough money to increase their operations.


Toshiko felt neglected by her husband and decided to weaken his empire. She hired Toni Cipriani to steal the Yakuza's shipment of arms and deliver it to Phil Cassidy. Toshiko also hired Toni to destroy three vans that contained some of the Yakuza's money before they reached Kazuki's casino.


When Kazuki learned about Toni's actions, he developed a desire for revenge. Toni confronted Kazuki on the rooftop of his casino. They engaged in a sword duel. Kazuki was skilled but Toni managed to survive. He decapitated Kazuki and left the body. When Toshiko heard about her husband's death, she killed herself by committing suicide.


  • Toshiko states that Kazuki is a samurai. Kazuki is likely a descendant of a samurai family or he follows the Bushido code.
  • Kazuki is alluded to being a closeted bisexual. Toshiko tells Toni that Kazuki prefers the company of his men and then she asks Toni if he understands. Kazuki teases Toni by saying "I am going to enjoy thrusting my sword into you.". Toni responds by saying "Yeah, I've heard that about you.".



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