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Villain Overview

Back in prison, when I met Kazuo Henmi for the first time, I thought that he was a completely normal guy. He was well-mannered and very sociable. We got along well right from the start. But when I quietly asked the guards about his past, what they told me sent a shiver down my spine. I asked him once... "Why did you kill so many people?" At first, he seemed confused. As if he didn't really understand it himself. But after a while, he told me what he thought might have been the reason.
~ Shiraishi on Kazuo Henmi.
Behind the house where I grew up, there was a bamboo grove. An enormous boar lived in that grove. And you know, that boar... I saw it eat my little brother. From my hiding spot, all I could do was watch my little brother sob and scream. It didn't matter how much he struggled and fought. There was nothing he could do. It's not as if the boar could understand his screams. It just kept brutally tearing him apart. It was a death so horrific that it makes your hair stand on end. I can't even begin to imagine my brother's pain and fear. I could see the hopelessness and the despair in his eyes as the light faded from them. And every time I remember those eyes... I really, really want to kill somebody. Anybody.
~ Kazuo Henmi

Kazuo Henmi is a character from the manga (and later anime TV series) Golden Kamuy. He was a serial killer and one of the Abashiri Convicts.


Henmi was a short man with black hair stuck to right, thick eyebrows and black eyes. He had a normal build with the tattoo around the torso and a "Kanji" on the nipple straight. After leaving the prison he was seen wearing a dark blue kimono over a military collared shirt, pants in a lighter shade, socks to the cinnamon, an orange scarf around the neck and a cloth tied around the head.


Henmi was a severely damaged individual. He used his well-mannered and sociable characteristics to approach his victims. According to prison guards, killing is as natural to him as breathing. His desire to kill and be killed surged when he witnessed the brutal death of his little brother. Since then, the very thought of suffering the same fate has gotten him sexually aroused.

Upon meeting Sugimoto and hearing his story about how he killed out of necessity and that in the end he would not have a quiet and gentle death, his desire to be killed increased, and he decided to try to kill him. Just like his brother, he wanted to fight until hope erased in his eyes, and as such, "shine" to the very end.


  • Henmi likes strawberries but dislikes spicy food as it gives him terrible indigestion.
  • Henmi Kazuo may be based on Andrei Chikatilo, an Ukranian serial killer whose brother was kidnapped and consumed by starving neighbours during the Holodomor. Unlike Henmi, Chikatilo was impotent but could achieve ejaculation by stabbing his victims.
  • In the Golden Kamuy All-Stars popularity poll, Henmi ranked 14th, gaining 2942 votes.


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