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Keef is a major antagonist in the Invader Zim franchise. He is a skoolchild who is among the rejects due to his weird demeanor, as well as Zim's temporary best friend. He serves as the titular main antagonist of the episode "Bestest Friend" and its cancelled sequel "Return of Keef".


Keef is a skoolchild who is among the rejects due to being "weird". As a result, even the rejects do not befriend him. While his past is not known, he is shown to have a little brother named Meef who is a boy scout.

His first major role is in "Bestest Friend", where he serves as the main antagonist. In the episode, He wins Zim's competition on who will become his best friend, as a way to make Zim look normal. He and Zim hang out during the episode, but Zim ends up trying to leave Keef, saying he has already "served his purpose". However, Keef doesn't get the message (or doesn't care) and ends up stalking Zim to hang out with him, even invading his house to make some waffles. Zim tries to kick him out by telling Keef he is sick. However, Keef misinterpreted his words and decides on inviting kids over to throw Zim a party.

Learning about his plan from GIR, Zim makes an invention in order to use on Keef. When Keef comes to his house, Zim uses his invention to pry out Keef's eyeballs and replace it with robotic ones that will make Keef see the first thing he looks at look like Zim. Unfortunately, the first thing he looks at is a squirrel, which he chases up a roof until he falls off.

He would have made an appearance in "Return of Keef" where he would have tried to make Zim and Dib so he could hang out with them. His plan backfires when Zim and Dib throw slime at him which would make him explode if he was to get overly happy (which he did when Zim and Dib started hugging each other). Once again, he survives but faints. He also would have found out Zim was an alien but chose to ignore it.


  • Despite having a major role in only two episodes, Keef is one of the most popular characters in the series.
  • Although he is not a true villain due to being overly attached to Zim, Keef turns out to be more dangerous than Dib, the series main antagonist, being the only person other than Dib and Gaz who knows Zim's true identity, as well as being the closest to unintentionally exposing it by inviting people to Zim's house.


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