Keeper Rook (voiced by Nobutoshi Canna) is a Rook-themed Shadow monster and is the main antagonist in episode 24 of 2014 TV series called Ressha Sentai ToQger.


Keeper Rook made his first appearance in the first Shadow Town which is the Ugokanai and he is armed with the the Rook Chariot which he uses to fire blasts of energy at his targets and with the Close attachment he can summon an endless army of Kuros. He ask the ToQgers to leave the area, but they denied him. However when they were transformed it didn't last long due to the town being kept in darkness, so he used his Rook Chariot and open fired on the team. After that Right open fired on building to obscure the keepers view and retreats, so he sent an army of Kuros to get the de-transformed team.

A while later when Right showed up he began battling him while Right transformed to a different color for 30 seconds each during the fight. During the battle Rook is then tied up by Right and he was then defeated by him when Right used the Renketsu Bazooka and fired a Shogi close-up sending Right way back leaving a trail of Shogies once that was finished Right tips the last Shogi onto the next causing to fall like domino as the first one crushed Keeper Rook.

However due to this Keeper Rook was forced to absorbed the darkness from the Shadow Town in order to enlarged himself as he battles the two train megazords, but he used the Close attachment to make himself grow even bigger than the robots, so they destroy the Rook's spear causing him to revert to his giant size where he was then finished off for good.



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