Kegler is a supporting antagonist in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.

He is the companion of Villiamax and engineer on the scorpion stinger.

Kegler is first shown as a stout little being and the companion of Villimax. After making a partnership with Trakeena, the 2 were taken to the Scorpion Stinger where Kegler as made the engineer due to his Skills in engineering and technology. He is one of the few to become suspicious of Deviot when he disrespected Villiamax. He later told his suspicions of Deviot's treachery to Trakeena and Villiamax while Deviot was hiding out in the lost galaxy. Kegler also witnessed the death of Villiamax at Trakeena's hands when she was influenced by Deviot's power. He was presumably killed when the Scorpion Stinger crashed into Mirion's moon.


  • He was voiced by Richard Cansino.
  • His Super Sentai Counterpart is Barreled Scholar Bookrates.
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