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Villain Overview

Shun Shin Kun. Similar to how you hold an unwavering faith in General Kan Mei, commander of the Chu Army. I also possess absolute faith in the commander of the Zhao Army...My deputy, Kei Sha.
~ Ri Boku to Shun Shin Kun on Kei Sha.
No...I wasn't able to repay my debt...
~ Kei Sha's final thoughts during his death.

Kei Sha is a major antagonist and recurring antagonist in the historical seinen anime and manga series, Kingdom. He was a General for the state of Zhao as well as the protégé and leading vessel of Great General Ri Boku, the leader of the Three Great Heavens.

Kei Sha was introduced as a Zhao Commander during the aftermath of the Sanyou Campaign as he fought in the Zhao/Yan War under Ri Boku and Hou Ken's leadership.


Kei Sha was a clean shaven man that appeared to be in his mid 20s with long black hair tied to the ends of two chessboard pattern spheres.


Be quiet. Can you hear it? The sound of the helpless Duke Hyou having his flesh slowly ripped off his body by the merciless Man Goku. Focus on your eyes and ears. This right now...Is the best part.
~ Kei Sha to his commanders as he watches the Man Goku Army's attack on the Duke Hyou Army.

Kei Sha showing his sadistic as he enjoys the sound and sight of the Man Goku Army attack and slaughter the Duke Hyou Army soldiers.


Early life

Kei Sha meeting Ri Boku during his childhood.

Kei Sha was made a orphan after his entire village were attacked by bandits and killed his parents right in front of him. After that, he was taken by a weapon shop owner where he worked & lived in an old weapons shop while winning money from strategy tournaments. One day he defeated one of Ri Boku’s students & Ri Boku noticing his talent took him in.

Sanyou Aftermath Arc


Coalition Invasion Arc

Kei Sha vs Duke Hyou

State of Ai Arc

Kei Sha was present for a strategical meeting that Ri Boku regrading the current state of the Warring states alone, Kaine and Fu Tei as Ri Boku' observe the ongoing power struggle between Ryo Fui's faction and Ei Sei's.

Koku You Campaign Arc



Just sit there quietly and wait, Ki Sui. And I shall let you hear the sound of one of Kan Ki's limb being shattered.
~ Kei Sha to Ki Sui.
Come, Kan Ki. Hurry Up...Let me...catch a whiff of you. Let me hear your footsteps. And with that...Your heartbeat will be conveyed. Let me crush your heart within my hand.
~ Kei Sha's excitement while he waits for Kan Ki's move.
Kan Ki...It would appear that...Both of us failed to accurately gauge the true of Ki Sui and the Rigan Army...And while on this occasion, the oversight has proven "Lucky" for myself, and "Unlucky" for you...It has given me a very clear picture of just what makes you so terrifying as an opponents. But at the same time...I now know your weak point as well.
Kan Ki...Wash your neck and wait for me. I will be coming for it soon...
How utterly futile. This battle is...A mighty clash between Two Great Figures of Reknown. Kan Ki, a man who is said to be of the same calibre as Qin's Six Great Generals, and myself, the one man believed to be closest to the final seat of Zhao's Three Great Heavens. Did you really think there was room for someone like you butt in? What Ri Boku-sama felt threatend by was what you might become after five more years of growth. Not as you are now. It is Five years Too Early...For you to challenge Me on this Stage, Hi Shin Unit.
~ Kei Sha to the Hi Shin Unit and Shin as they attempt to kill him.

Powers and Abilities

After all, in our numerous simulation battles...even I have lost to him a fair few times. The Silent Hunter. It is my belief that he is the most terrifying instinctual general.
~ Ri Boku to Shun Shin Kun on Kei Sha's abilities.

Acknowledged by Ri Boku himself, Kei Sha was one of the greatest and most important military figures in the state of Zhao's military as he was the closest man to take the final seat of the Three Great Heavens. This is evident as futher back in his childhood as he defeated one of his teacher's students with waiting that led to powerful counters

Physical Abilities

Fighting Style

With a high attribute of tactical knowledge, he was likened to a spider who weaves a web of fluid strategy to entangle and ensnare his opponents. His instinctive skills allowed him to defeat in simulation battles many strategists including Ri Boku himself at few occasions. Ri Boku later commented that even for him defeating Kei Sha in a live battle would not be an easy task.

To date, Kei Sha ws the instinctual general with the highest attribute in the knowledge of war besides Ren Pa that in itself does not count for the strength of his own intuition. Duke Hyou remarked that despite the kinds of precarious situations he puts himself in or the strength of his offense, Kei Sha proved to be an elusive opponent. During the Battle of Kankoku Pass, he was able to effectively lead Duke Hyou into a trap and strike the rear of his army, nearly defeating him.

On the first day of the Battle of Koku You Hill, he decided to send his soldiers to the center hill as a bait. After that, he launched a flanking attack on the 2nd unit in order to completely cut off Rai Do's reinforcements. This enabled him to isolate Rai Do and Zenou units and force them to retreat - something that was even outside of Kan Ki's calculations. Later he was even able to figure out Kan Ki's weakness, however, due to his death at the hands of Shin, he wasn't able to use this information in battle.

  • Master Swordsman: Taught and trained by Ri Boku, Kei Sha was a highly skilled master swordsman that held a great amount of powerful swordplay. Despite his seemingly scrawny looking appearance he could deliver powerful strikes that break an iron spear with the just simple swing of his sword, kill powerful and deadly opponents like the Kan Ki Army’s Zen Ou Clan. He also very nearly killed the likes of Shin, a master swordsman himself, as he pushed the young warrior to the limit during their duel.
  • Leadership: Despite his poker face and seemingly aloof demeanor, Kei Sha was noted to be a great leader as he gained steadfast loyalty from a lone wolf like Gaku Ei. With but simple words of praise, he could inspire his soldiers to endure the most brutal of battlefields. After his death, the remnants of his army in the Gaku Ei Army would go berserk in order to avenge their master during their battle with the Hi Shin Unit and in the final moments of his death Kin Mou pushed himself for the chance to avenge his lord's death, which indicates the strong connection he had with his vessels and soldiers.

Miscellaneous Abilities

  • Killing Intent Exudation: Kei Sha was capable of manifesting such an intense amount of killing intent that it appeared in the form of a spider whenever he was enraged.


  • Impatience:





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