Keith David

Keith David

Keith David is a character in Saints Row IV.

He was voiced by the real life actor of the same name, who also voices the character Julius Little, the original founder of the 3rd Street Saints.


Keith appears as the Vice President to the Protagonist who is the newly elected President of the United States. During the invasion of the Zin Empire led by Zinyak, Keith is abducted.

Later on Keith and Kinzie rescue the Protagonist from the Zin and after the destruction of the earth, they begin tracking down the Protagonist's crew to gather them for a war against the Zin after Zinyak destroys the earth. Sometime into the game, Keith betrays the Saints and becomes President of the Virtual Steelport, and reveals to the Protagonist that Zinyak promised to restore the earth if Keith kills the Protagonist. However when the Protagonist gets attacked by Zin, Keith has a change of heart and helps him, only to be abducted by Zinyak and placed into a simulation having to relive a fight scene from a movie he starred in called "They Live" with Roddy Piper. The Protagonist enters into the simulation and gets Roddy to help question Keith the whereabouts of Kinzie, before saving him and having him returned to the real world.

In the finale, Keith and the rest of the homies will come to the Protagonist's aid when he is fighting Zinyak.

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