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Keith Lucas is a fictional character and supporting antagonist of the ITV British soap opera Coronation Street, appearing only as a minor antagonist in 1970.

He was portrayed by the late David Webb.


Keith Lucas turned up at the Rovers Return in May 1970. He was moody and taciturn, giving blunt responses to Emily Nugent's attempts at conversation. However, his interest was piqued when she mentioned that the usual barmaid was "Mrs Turpin", pointing out Betty playing darts elsewhere in the bar. Lucas followed Betty home when she left and explained to her that he had just been released from prison and her husband Cyril was the one that had put him away.

Lucas continued to hang around outside the corner shop and in the Rovers, intimidating Betty. At one point, he intimidated her into buying him a drink at the Rovers. He overheard a conversation where she mentioned that Cyril was coming home from a course shortly.

A few days later, while Cyril was on his beat, Lucas ambushed him and attacked him with a lead pipe. However, Cyril easily overpowered him and proceeded to give him a beating in revenge for his treatment of Betty, with Len Fairclough having to pull him off before he did serious damage.


  • Although Lucas only appeared in four episodes, his storyline coincided with an ITV strike, meaning there was nearly a month between his third and fourth appearances.