Keiji Shibusawa is a major antagonist in Yakuza 0. He was a lieutenant in the Dojima family, a subsidiary family of the Tojo Clan. He was promoted to the Dojima family's captain temporarily before he was arrested at the end of the game.

He was voiced by Hideo Nakano.


At the start of the game Shibusawa is the patriach of the Shibusawa family, a subsidary of the Dojima family. When Sohei Dojima promises the captain position of the family to whoever can aquire him the empty lot Shibusawa seeks out to do this. He gets Nishitani, the leader of the Kijin Clan to lead his clan to find Makoto Makimura, the owner of the empty lot and ship her over to him. 

When Tachibana Real Estate begins searching for Makoto Makimura it becomes a rival to the Shibusawa Family. Jun Oda, one of Tachibana's employees secretly assists Shibusawa in his hunt for Makoto by leaking information to him. 

When Oda is driving Kiryu and Makoto to Kamurocho Shibusawa and his family ambush them on the road. A shoot out occurs. 

Shibusawa and his minions invade a warehouse in which Kiryu, Makoto and Oda were laying low, only to find the former two gone and only the latter left behind, wounded. Due to Oda's failure to pass Makoto over, Shibusawa shoots him dead. 

Later in the game, Shibusawa leads Makoto to meet with Dojima and offer him the empty lot. In return Dojima announces that Shibusawa will become the captain of his family. Dojima ends up ordering Lao Gui his assassin to shoot Makoto unknown to him that the latter was not shot with the intention of killing. Makoto is taken under custody of the Nikkyo Consortium and its leader Masaru Sera who use a ship as a hideout. 

As first command as captain Shibusawa orders the deaths of Shintaro Kazama (the former captain of the Dojima family) and all his associates. The Shibusawa family invades the ship the Nikkyo Consortium was using and conquers it. When Kazuma Kiryu boards the ship to save Makoto he ends up approaching Shibusawa. Shibusawa reveals that he intends to take Kiryu's title as the "Dragon of Dojima" by killing him. Kiryu and Shibusawa engage in combat and the former is victorious. Shibusawa taunts Kiryu in hopes of provoking him into killing him and becoming a "true Yakuza". Kiryu attempts to beat Shibusawa to death until Akira Nishikiyama arrives and convinces him not to. Shibusawa is arrested by the police shortly after.

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