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Kel Hinchley is a major antagonist from the British ITV Soap Opera Coronation Street. Introduced as the boyfriend of Bernie Winter, Kel is later revealed to be a pedophile who sexually abused Bernie's son Paul when he was 14.

He was portrayed by Joseph Alessi.


Kel met Bernie at an unknown point in time and began a relationship with her, and became close to her twin children Paul Foreman and Gemma Winter. However, he later began to sexually abuse Paul from the age of fourteen. Paul eventually began to cause trouble in retaliation, causing Kel to walk out on Bernie, breaking her heart.

In September 2019, Kel was reunited with Bernie when another security guard suspected her of stealing - he allowed Bernie to go without involving the police and, to return the favour, Bernie brought him back to 5 Coronation Street for a meal. When Paul realized that Kel was back in his life, he began to lash out at those around him and, upon realizing the truth, Paul's ex Billy Mayhew confronted him about his relationship with Kel.

Bernie and Gemma later found out the truth behind Kel's sexual abuse, and began to plot revenge against him. To expose Kel's crimes, Bernie pretended to be a 14 year old boy online, and sent messages to Kel who eventually asked to meet up. Bernie livesteamed Kel's arrival to the Internet, who showed up with a bag containing condoms. Kel is then reported to the police, who begin building a case against him.

In September 2020, a dead body is pulled from the canal. The police confirm that it's Kel's corpse. It's not currently known who killed him, but Paul is suspected.