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Kelbeross are enemies from the first Ninja Gaiden video game and its sequel Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos.



The Kelbeross were originally ordinary dogs. They belonged to an evil sorcerer Jaquio who was the head of the chaos tribe. At some point in time, Jaquio decided to transform the dogs into monsters. To begin, Jaquio killed both of his dogs and took their souls. He then pledged the souls to evil spirits as part of a sacrifice. The evil spirits resurrected the dogs as monstrous beasts. Jaquio renamed the beasts as Kelbeross. The Kelbeross were given a new purpose: to protect Jaquio from intruders.

Ninja Gaiden

Decades later, Jaquio and the Kelbeross moved to an Amazonian temple in South America. Jaquio took over the temple and appointed the Kelbeross as his personal watch dogs.

Ryu Hayabusa, a young ninja, was looking for Jaquio. Ryu infiltrated the Amazonian temple and searched for Jaquio. Along the way, he encountered the Kelbeross and fought them. They attacked Ryu by spewing pink projectiles and jumping high into the air. Ryu managed to destroy them before confronting Jaquio. He killed Jaquio in a battle. 

Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos

Jaquio managed to survive his previous battle with Ryu Hayabusa. He set up a new castle in the dark realm of chaos. Jaquio's first order of business was to resurrect the Kelbeross. After the Kelbeross were brought back to life, they continued to protect Jaquio.

Meanwhile, Ryu Hayabusa confronted Ashtar who was a dark emperor and the new head of the chaos tribe. Ashtar wielded the Dark Sword of Chaos which was the evil opposite of Ryu's Dragon Sword. Ashtar and Ryu engaged in a fight of life or death. Even though Ashtar lost the battle, he teleported the Dark Sword of Chaos to Jaquio's new castle. Ryu followed the Sword but he was unaware that Jaquio was still alive.

Along the way, Ryu encountered the Kebeross again. Ryu was forced to engage in a rematch with the Kelbeross but he emerged victorious. The Kelbeross were permanently killed this time. After Ryu killed the Kelbeross, he experienced Déjà vu. He dismissed the feeling and continued to search for the Dark Sword of Chaos. After finding the sword, Ryu destroyed it along with Jaquio who was resurrected.

Cultural Similarity

The Kelbeross are similar to the creature Cerberus from ancient mythology. Kelbeross protect the gates to an evil place and Cerberus protects the gates to Hell which is another evil place. Cerberus has a total of three heads. Unlike Cerberus, each Kelbeross has only one head.


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