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Kelley Layzner is a Zeon veteran of the One Year War who later joins the Delaz Fleet and a minor antagonist in the OVA series Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory set in the Universal Century timeline of the Gundam franchise.


Kelley Layzner originally served as an officer in the Zeon military and fought alongside Anavel Gato in the One Year War, where he lost his left arm.

After the war ended Layzner became the owner of a junkyard where he worked as a junk dealer and lived with his girlfriend Latuera Chapra. In his spare time, Kelley worked to repair an MA-06 Val Walo mobile armor he uncovered, longing to return to the battlefield.

Kelley later comes across the EFF soldier Kou Uraki after he is assaulted by thugs and left lying in the street. Kelley takes Kou to his residence and the two quickly become friends. However, Kelley later received a request from his old comrade Anavel Gato to come and assist the Delaz Fleet. Kelley then met with Cima Garahau to discuss him joining up with the fleet. Cima was impressed by his work on the Val Walo and told him that if he got the repairs done by the next day he could assist in the Delaz Fleet's operation.

However, Kou finds out about the meeting and confronts Kelley about it, but Kelley refuses to stay away from the Delaz Fleet. After getting into a fight with Kelley, Kou leaves, only to return later out of sympathy for Kelley. Kou helped Kelley finish repairing the Val Walo, though both knew that they would soon be on opposite sides.

Cima later sent her subordinate Kult to buy the Val Walo from Kelley so he could pilot it instead, believing Kelley would be an obstacle in her plans to secretly betray Delaz. However, Kelley refuses to hand over the mobile armor. Kult later attempted to seize the mobile armor by force, only to be killed by Kelley piloting it.

Kelley later confronted the RX-78GP01-Fb "Zepyranthes" Gundam in his Val Walo and discovered Kou was the pilot of it. Despite their friendship, Kelley attacked Kou, though Kou was initially reluctant to fight back against Kelley until he nearly killed Nina Purpleton. Kou managed to defeat and critically damage the Val Walo, after which he pleaded for Kelley to use an escape pod. However, Kelley told Kou he didn't include one and died in the mobile armor's destruction.


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