Kelly is a minor antagonist in S.E. Hinton's 1979 novel Tex, and its 1982 Disney adaptation. He is a violent drug addict who wants to get revenge on Lem after their drug deal went wrong.

He was portrayed by Mark Arnott.


After Tex learns that Pop isn't his biological father, he flees the school building and agrees to help Lem with his disputed drug deal. They arrive at Kelly's apartment and Kelly argues with Lem about their drug deal being a burn instead of a mixup. His roommate then comes out of his room and tells him to keep it down. Tex tries to leave, but the angry buyer points a gun at his head. Tex rushes over and wrestles the gun out of his hand, but not before he shoots him in his kidney. Tex then punches him in the face and knocks him to the ground. Tex momentarily intends to kill Kelly, but Lem convinces for them to leave and Tex quickly calms down.

When they leave the apartment, Tex realizes that he's been shot and Lem abandons him in a parking lot. Tex uses a payphone to call Jamie and her father, Cole gets on the line and instructs him to hang up. Just as he sits to staunch the bleeding, Lem returns and takes him to the hospital.


  • When Tex calms down from trying to kill Kelly, the viewer can see him holding his side after he has been shot before leaving the apartment.
  • In the book, when Kelly argues with Lem over drugs, he was jumping up and down like a spoiled child.


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