Kelly Bundy is a minor antagonist on Married with Children. In high school she was a mean girl and popular. She use to bully the nerds in high school and she still does. Including her geeky brother Bud. Kelly Bundy is labeled as an airhead and dumb girl. But she has no heart and she always ends up screwing it up. Bundy's were meant to fail. Kelly was a student in high school where she stayed out late and got punished by her parents. She usually runs around with hot guys or bad boy types. Mostly Al her father usually throws them out. Kelly was a waitress in a crummy diner, a mascot in Verminator commercials and a struggling actress. She was almost married to Lonnie who family weiner tots kings of Chicago. They were wealthy and Kelly thought she would live the high life. However, she didn't, and went back to her promiscuous ways, in addition to fail at leaving her parents' house.

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