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Kelly Neelan is a fictional character and supporting antagonist of the long-running British soap opera Coronation Street. She appeared as a supporting character in 2019 before becoming an anti-hero in 2020-2021.

She is portrayed by Millie Gibson.


Kelly Neelan first came to Weatherfield in 2019 after her father Rick Neelan, a loan shark, goes missing for unknown reasons to the public. Unbeknowest to Kelly, her father was killed by his enemy Gary Windass after trying to kill him for failing to repay his debt to him.

Overtime, Kelly begins to appear in the street more often and visits Gary to find out about her father's fate. At first Gary denies knowing the truth about Rick, but Kelly continues to pester him and he eventually reveals the truth about her father's criminal activities. Gary is later visited by Rick's henchwoman Sharon Geary, who explains that Kelly is worried about her father and makes him promise to provide for Kelly's future from then onwards. Gary agrees and begins to bond with Kelly in the process.

In 2020, Kelly stirs up trouble with fellow schoolgirl Asha Alahan by posting sexual images of her to the public. Asha's brother Aadi and their father Dev are both enraged at what happened, while Asha's best-friend Amy Barlow is equally appalled to the point where she attacks Kelly over her actions. Gary comes to Kelly's defense and this makes Kelly both thankful for Gary, but also suspicious as to why he is bonding too closely with her. Eventually, Kelly finds out that Gary is behind her father's disappearance and confronts him and his sister Faye Windass about the incident. They dismiss her and Kelly is later comforted by Amy's cousin Simon Barlow, who has begun forming a relationship with Kelly.

In 2021, Kelly witnesses Simon getting involved with drug dealer Jacob Hay and attempts to warm him off. Simon brushes off Kelly's interference, but later regrets it when he along with his mother Leanne Battersby and her lover Nick Tilsley are forced to go into hiding from Jacob's ruthless crime boss Harvey Gaskell. That same year, Kelly moves on to date Asha's old boyfriend Corey Brent and they later hassle both Amy's friend Summer Spellman alongside both cafe worker Nina Lucas and her boyfriend Seb Franklin. This continues to the point where Kelly is dared to slap Nina and she does so. Later on when Nina and Seb go home, Kelly witnesses Corey and his friends brutally attack Nina and Seb in a hate crime due to Nina's goth appearance; both are hospitalized and while Nina recovers, Seb dies from his injuries.

Following Nina's attack and Seb's death, Kelly's guilt begins to grow and she is surprised that Corey is remorseless. She is later ordered by Corey's father, Stefan Brent, to cease contact with his son and stay away from them. By then Kelly is transpired to have a poor relationship with her neglectful mother Laura and is later fostered by Leanne's sister Toyah Battersby and her boyfriend Imran Habeeb, a lawyer whose sister Rana was killed in a factory collapse caused by Gary to which he both framed his late villainous arch-nemesis Pat Phelan and then Rick as the perpetuators beforehand. Kelly is later arrested for Seb's murder after Corey incriminates her as the perpetuator, and she is remanded in custody; Imran vows to defend Kelly whilst Toyah doesn't see the point of it due to Kelly's recent rebellious attitude.



  • Kelly was born on 22nd May 2005.
  • Kelly has an unnamed brother.