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Kelly Thorndike. Leader of the "In" crowd and son of armament tycoon Clifton Thorndike. Smug and pretentious with a nasty mean streak.
~ The author describing the bullies.

Kelly Thorndike is the secondary antagonist of the filth issue of WildStorm's Resident Evil: The Official Comic Magazine. He is a student at Pine Grove Academy and a merciless bully who torments a fellow student named Dexter Whitlam for his own amusement.


Not much is known about Kelly's background except that his father Clifton Thorndike, who paid for his son's tuition at Pine Grove Academy and became friends with other students Wade Boddington III and Todd Umbenhauer. At some point, he and his fellow bullies came across an intelligent but introverted teenager and started to harass and beating him on many occasions, hanging Dexter on a tree from his underwear or dunking his head in the toilet.

Due to lack of intelligence, Kelly tries to have Dexter to pass him his chemistry notes but never did, so in retaliation, Kelly and friends approached Dexter and punched him in the stomach, giving a wedgie and throwing him in the trashcan. But Dexter's friend Ruthie came to Dexter aid and forcing the bullies to flee.

While Dexter was analyzing the G-Virus sample he stole from the Umbrella's warehouse, Kelly and his friends started to harass him once again and break his glasses. Ruthie hits Kelly back of the head, but is then smacked across the face by the latter and walks away with his fellow bullies. Following this, Dexter had a enough and injected himself with the G-Virus and transformed into a monster and stalked and killing his bullies one by one.

In the showers, he uses his claws to impale Wade and disemboweling Todd and shoving his head through the snack machine. Finally, before he could take the life of his last tormentor, Ruthie came and begs Dexter not to kill Kelly, who was begging for his life. However, Dexter ignored her and brutally kills Kelly. Klaus and his bodyguard, Venk appeared and stunned the monstrous teenager with a electrical gun.


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