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Kemada is a minor antagonist in Fist of the North Star. His name was given in the anime.


Kemada first cuts open Mamiya's younger brother, Koh to teach a lesson to Kenshiro and Rei; If at least a Fang Clan member is killed, they will massacre an entire village, including the women and children. He then drives away with his "brothers". He then has his clansmen surround Rei in the manner of a wolf pack.

However, Kenshiro gets behind Kemada and startles him. After a brief talk, Kemada sends the Fang Clansmen out to battle using Kazan Gunro Ken, but their numbers quickly whittle down. Not even the clan's dwarf-like henchmen could take out Kenshiro and Rei. Horrified, Kemada tries to warn that he is not the last of Fang Clan but is bombarbed with the Hokuto Senjukai Ken. After first, he is confused over not feeling a thing, but Kenshiro warns he would die in 5 seconds. Rei quickly ends Kemada by cutting him to pieces.

In the anime, Kemada is given a somewhat larger role. After a raid on a food truck goes bad thanks to the truck exploding from a gas leak, Kemada tries to take his anger out on the drivers but gets two empty food cans in his eyes, courtesy of Kenshiro. After hearing that Kenshiro said that he and his "brothers" are hyenas, Kemada sends his goons at the Hokuto Shinekn user, but no matter how largely they gather, he grabs and throws them off. Kenshiro then warns Kemada to take his group and leave lest he face his wrath.

A while later, Kemada screams in sadness that his brothers are getting killed by Kenshiro who is protecting Mamiya's village.

As Kemada prepares to lead a second assault on Mamiya's village, he spots Rei walking through the canyon and first wants to kill him. After the Nanto Suicho Ken master kills most of the clansmen, Kemada has an unseen discussion with him.

It is then revealed that Kemada sent Rei in as a trojan horse, but then Rei turns on the Fang Clan, angering Kemada. He then makes a report to his "father" named Kiba Daioh.

In Episode 25, Kemada ambushes Koh who was getting berry's for Mamiya's birthday cake and withstands against a small knife throw. After killing Koh, he steals his necklace. That night, Kenshiro takes back the necklace and Kemada tries to warn him and Rei about the wrath his "father" will inflict.

We also learn in the following episode he has a younger brother named Gibara.


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