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Hah! That should put the impertinent little girl in her place. And if his own sister is executed for mutiny, Reinhardt will no doubt be stripped of his rank as well! Oh, the look on his face when he hears of this will be quite the spectacle! Ahahaha!
~ Kempf gloating about provoking Olwen into threatening him

Kempf is a supporting antagonist from Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. He is a very arrogant noble who serves House Friege, and the self-proclaimed rival of Reinhardt, whom he deeply envies. Such jealousy leads Kempf to also mistreat Reinhardt's sister Olwen.

In Japanese, Kempf is voiced by Manabu Sakamaki, who also voices Gangrel. In English he is voiced by Brandon James Winckler.


Kempf is a young man with short grey hair. He wears a red cape over a black shirt with gold accents and white pants. Kempf also wears white gloves and black boots with matching gold accents.


Kempf is a petty coward who has no problems deserting his men when the tide of battle turns against them. He also has little discipline and will ignore his superior's orders if they conflict with his desire to increase his reputation. This lack of moral fiber, as well as his high rank in Friege's army stemming from nepotism instead of merit earns him the scorn of his peers.

Because Kempf and Reinhardt are around the same age and became generals at roughly the same time, the former quickly came to view the latter as his personal rival. However, the feeling was not mutual, and as Reinhardt mostly ignored him, Kempf vented his anger through mistreating Reinhardt's sister Olwen, such as sending her on menial missions to Nowell Valley's fort. Kempf is not above using underhanded tactics to damage Reinhardt's reputation, such as goading Olwen into drawing her sword at him, justifying her imprisonment.


Although the remote border fortress in Nowell Valley and unlikely to experience combat, Kempf repeatedly sent Olwen there on surveillance duties, among other intentionally boring tasks. This changed when Prince Leif of Leonster's Liberation Army attacked the fortress en route to Tahra. At Fort Dundrum, Olwen requested reinforcements from Kempf, but the general refused, claiming that she failed to gather adequate data on the fort's invaders. In addition, Kempf claimed that the fort's defender, elderly General Largo, was expendable due to his age. This latter comment angered Olwen, and the conversation escalated until Kempf insulted Reinhardt. At this Olwen drew her sword, and Kempf immediately order her imprisonment for threatening a superior. Fellow knight Fred confronted Kempf over deliberately goading Olwen, but Kempf stated that the punishment for drawing a sword against an officer is execution, and ordered Fred to head Dundrum's defenses, stating that Olwen would die if Fred failed to head off the Liberation Army.

When Leif's army reached Fort Dundrum, Kempf ordered the execution of Operation Portcullis, which consisted of trapping Leif's soldiers in a narrow corridor and firing ballistae arrows on them. However, Leif's forces broke through the chokepoint and began attacking him, at which he cowardly abandoned his soldiers and fled to Dundrum's dungeons. There, he told Bishop Otolph of his plans to notify the Imperial Army's high command of Leif's attack. Kempf ordered Otolph to buy him time to escape the fort by barricading his platoon in the prison wing and stalling the Liberation Army for as long as possible even if it meant sacrificing their lives. He also told the Bishop to kill all prisoners, as their survival could become troublesome.

Later, Kempf reunited with Friege's army at Fort Nordrhein. If Leif chose to liberate Leonster via the Nordrhein coast, Kempf prepared to deploy an elite battalion to counter his forces. However, Colonel Nikalaf chastised him for fleeing Dundrum and ordered him to guard the bridge to the fort under the cover of their ballistae until Ulster's reinforcements arrived. Determined to hoard the glory of Fort Nordrhein's victory, Kempf disobeyed Nikalaf's orders, telling his men to attack and kill all soldiers in the Liberation Army. Such insubordination earned Kempf a defeat at the hands of Leif's fortress.

Other Media

Fire Emblem Heroes

Gharnef was made available to players on December 11, 2019 as the thirty-eighth Grand Hero Battle.


You claim this enemy "appeared out of nowhere" to besiege Fort Nowell, but who exactly were they? Remind me: what was your assignment again? I'm just a lowly General of House Friege, and these little details escape me all the time. Ah, wait, it's coming back to me! Reconnaissance, wasn't it? But if your duty was reconnaissance, surely you'd come to me with more than "they just appeared!" Or are you such an incompetent soldier that you failed to gather even the slightest bit of information?
~ Kempf insulting Olwen's skills
And what if this "attack" is merely a ploy to lure us away from the fort? Did you consider that, girlie? Fort Dundrum earned its reputation of being impregnable only because House Friege's 12th Battalion is here to guard it! Without them, the fort is mere stone and slate! If I don't have complete information on our enemy, I can't chance deploying the 12th Battalion. It would weaken our position!
~ Kempf refusing Olwen's request to send the Nowell Valley fort reinforcements
Bah, what's one or two old men in the grand scheme of things? Besides, how much time could he really have left, anyway?
~ Kempf declaring General Largo an expendable soldier
The glare you're shooting me is almost treasonous on its own - I've had men executed for much less brazen displays of disrespect. So before you back up that glare with equally traitorous words, let me warn you: you're very close to insulting the chain of command. It's amusing watching you squirm, I admit, but are you really willing to defy your superior officer, knowing what the Empire does to traitors?
~ Olwen rebuking Olwen for getting angry over his comment about Largo
Hm? Are you hard of hearing? I said that all you're good for is to go crying to Reinhardt!
~ Kempf insulting Olwen's character
Oh, how he must dote on you... Then again, Reinhardt's greatest skill is knowing how to lead women on!
~ Kempf insulting Reinhardt to Olwen's face
Hah! You dare to draw your sword on me?! You feeble-minded wench! Men! Seize Olwen and throw her in the dungeon for this act of rebellion!
~ Kempf ordering Olwen's imprisonment for drawing her weapon against him
Fred, my dear boy, you look different from your usual self. Is something amiss?
~ Kempf to Fred
"Personal grudge?" Nonsense! Right where you're standing, Lady Olwen drew her sword against me, her superior officer! She meant to kill me!
~ Kempf denying that he provoked Olwen into attacking on purpose due to his grudge against Reinhardt
Alfred, since you're so well-acquainted with our military code, what's the punishment for turning your sword against a superior officer? Because I seem to recall that it's a crime punishable by execution...
~ Kempf hinting at his true reasons for arguing with Olwen
Be that as it may, as Olwen's adjutant, her duties now fall to you. I command you to ride forth and engage these invaders in her place. But be warned: this isn't merely an order, it's a punishment. You are not permitted to retreat for any reason! See the battle through, regardless of the outcome, or I'll have Olwen executed!
~ Kempf issuing his ultimatum to Fred
Hm? Did you say something? Eh, must've just been my imagination. Heh, heh, heh...
~ Kempf to Fred after the latter called him "shameless"
Ahahaha! Those dullards actually fell for it! All right, men! Fire at will!
~ Kempf enacting his Operation Portcullis
Tch... So much for the "impregnable" Fort Dundrum...
~ Kempf when the Liberation Army encounters him in Fort Dundrum
Ugh... What a joke...! I must flee this place, at least for the time being...
~ Kempf after being attacked by the Liberation Army in Fort Dundrum
This is the first smart thing you've said, Bishop. Take your own advice and follow my orders - otherwise, you'll be keeping Olwen company in the dungeon. Ah, speaking of which, you mustn't forget to dispose of the prisoners. They'll only cause trouble if they manage to survive all this.
~ Kempf ordering Bishop Otolph to stall the Liberation Army and execute Fort Dundrum's prisoners
Leave everything to me, Colonel Nikalaf. These rabble may have the gall to call themselves a "Liberation Army," but they're no stronger than a pack of bandits. My battalion shall shatter their delusions of grandeur with ease.
~ Kempf to Colonel Nikalaf
So Conomor is to get all the glory, then? No, this won't do at all! The rebels must die by MY hands, and mine alone!
~ Kempf deciding to disobey Colonel Nikalaf's orders
Hrk...! You... You'll DIE for those words! Men, seize that woman! Kill her precious rebels! Kill all of them! A lordship to whoever brings Olwen to me alive! I'll choke the life out of you with my bare hands, Olwen! You hear me?!
~ Kempf breaking formation at Fort Nordrhein if provoked by Olwen
You! YOU! If you hadn't come this far...!
~ Kempf battling the Liberation Army at Fort Nordrhein
I-Is this... a joke? How could I... be bested... by them?
~ Kempfs last words if the Liberation Army slew him at Fort Nordrhein
Hmph... I won't forget this! Remember me well, for this is the face of your conqueror!
~ Kempf if captured at Fort Nordrhein



  • Kempf is partially inspired by the archetype set up by Michalis, but is much less sympathetic than the latter.
  • Kempf had become the start of a new villainous archetype for Fire Emblem villains, mainly for lesser generals or mercenaries that are mostly acting coward, sadistic, arrogant, disloyal, brutal, loathsome and/or utterly ambitious, sometimes even being hated by heroes and other villains alike.
  • In addition to Kempf and Gangrel, Manabu Sakamaki also provides the Japanese voices of Fire Emblem heroes Kellam and Alois Rangeld.
  • In addition to Kempf, Brandon James Winckler also provides the English voices of Fire Emblem heroes Sedgar and Kurthnaga.
  • An early fan translation of Thracia 776 localized Kempf's statement before executing Operation Portcullis as "Hahaha! Those idiots have fallen right into my trap! In America!" referencing Bandit Keith's first words in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series.

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