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Ken-Oh is a dangerous ninja warrior who serves as one of the "Ring of Five" who are the Zeed crime syndicate's ruling inner circle. He is also the first adversary encountered by the Oboro ninja leader Joe Musashi in his mission to stop the Zeed organization.

A hulking ninja with great power and mastery over the element of fire, Ken-Oh was scouted for his pyrotechnical expertise and inducted into Zeed's Ring of Five by the Masked NInja.

Assisting in the kidnapping of world leader's children and the children of the Oboro clan, Ken-Oh would use his fire magic to fatally immolate anyone seen as a threat. Eventually he would be chased down by the young Oboro Jonin, a young man by the name Joe Musashi, and after the children he captured were rescued, Ken-Oh faced Musashi in combat.

Despite his strength and mastery of fire magic, Ken-Oh became the first of the Ring of Five to be defeated by Joe Musashi in hand-to-hand combat.


  • Ken-Oh's name is the same pronunciation as the nickname of Hokuto no Ken's Raoh, who shares a similar appearance in that both men tower high above the main character.
  • Ken-Oh and his cohort Lobster would inspire many similar enemies in future Shinobi videogame installments.
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