You should've stayed on the island. Better odds.
~ Ken Wheatley capturing Owen and Claire at gunpoint.

Kenneth "Ken" Wheatley is a major antagonist in the 2018 film Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. He is a mercenary employed by Eli Mills to capture the dinosaurs on the island of Isla Nublar for him so they can be sold off.

He was portrayed by Ted Levine, who also played Buffalo Bill in The Silence of the Lambs and General Russell Woodman in Evolution.


Ken Wheatley and his team accompanied Claire and the Dinosaur Protection Group to Isla Nublar to round up the dinosaurs and deliver them to another island reserve, since a volcanic eruption is imminent and will kill all the dinosaurs. However, after Owen tracks down the last surviving Velociraptor (known as Blue), Wheatley and his men betray Owen by capturing Blue before leaving Owen, Claire and Frankin to die while keeping Zia to perform surgery on Blue since he needs her alive. As it turns out, Mills plans to capture all the dinosaurs and sell them off as sentient weapons for profit, and that Wheatley is involved with it as he intends to collect a 'significant bonus' for his assistance. To that end, Wheatley and his men managed to capture several more dinosaurs before transporting them into their ship through cages while collecting their teeth as trophies to make as a necklace.

After reaching to the mainland, Wheatley soon learns that Owen and his friends have evacuated. To that end, he gets several of his men to capture them at gunpoint before putting them in a cell per Mills' orders. With the dinosaurs delivered to the auction, the event is disrupted when Owen releases a Stygimoloch to cause havoc, sending several people to flee away from the scene. In the ensuing chaos, Wheatley looks for Mills demanding his bonus before he attempts to go inside the cage of the genetically engineered dinosaur (known as the Indoraptor) to retrieve one of his teeth as a trophy for his necklace, shooting him with two tranquilizer darts to keep him from attacking him. However, Wheatley soon discovers too late that the dinosaur was only pretending to be stunned, allowing the Indoraptor to bite off his arm and gulping it down, leaving Wheatley helpless and at the mercy of the creature. The Indoraptor then proceeds to maul Wheatley to death before escaping from his cage and slaughtering more people (including Gunnar Eversol) along the way.


Ken Wheatly received negative reception. Fans found to be a laughable and ineffectual character, due to failing to notice the Indoraptor being still conscious, putting his reputation as a hunter into question.


Mills! Mills, where are you? I want my bonus! (sees the Indoraptor in his cage) Holy cow. What are you? I didn't see you on the island.
~ Ken Wheatley seeing the Indoraptor for the first time.
You are a tough guy. Look at that beauty. You're some kind of hot rod. With pretty teeth. This will make a perfect centerpiece for my necklace.
~ Ken Wheatley seemingly sedating the Indoraptor in an attempt to take one of it's teeth.
Open wide.
~ Ken Wheatley's last words before realizing too late that the Indoraptor is toying with him.





  • Ken Wheatley is one of the two human villains in the franchise (along with Dieter Stark) to physically mistreat dinosaurs (though the only dinosaurs that Dieter physically mistreated were Compsognathus).
  • Wheatley is a darker reflection of Roland Tembo, the big game hunter expert hired by InGen during the expedition at Isla Sorna, in The Lost World: Jurassic Park. Both are hunters and they don't drive the main plot in the movies. But Roland was there because of his love of challenge while Wheatley was there only because of his greed. Also, Roland is a calm, wise and moral man who does everything he can to try to keep everyone alive, including two people who explicitly try to have him and his men killed, Wheatley is a heartless and arrogant man who tries to leave the members of the DPG to die on the island and doesn't care at all on his own men.
  • Wheatley is one of the four human villains in the franchise to attempt to kill another human being along with Lewis Dodgson (in the novel), Billy Yoder and Eli Mills. Just like Yoder but unlike Mills and Dodgson, Wheatley failed to kill anyone and while every other villain attempted to do so with thier bare hands Wheatley indirectly tried to kill the heroes by leaving them to die on the island.
  • It was hinted that Wheatly's hunting carrer may have been a farbrication he made up just to gain notoriety.
  • The movie heavily implies that Wheatley wanted to betray and sell out Mills after accomplishing his goal as well to avoid getting implicated with him. This also shows another factor of Mills being doomed to fail regerdless of wheather his plans succeeded or not.


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