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I have the Marker, and this entire system can go to hell. For what it's worth, you did a great job, Isaac. See you around... Or maybe not.
~ Kendra to Isaac.

Kendra Daniels is the main antagonist of Dead Space. She is a computer specialist aboard the USG Kellion repair vessel and an undercover agent working for the EarthGov government.

She was voiced by and modelled by Tonantzin Carmelo.


Little is known about Kendra's life prior to her journey to USG Ishimura, but it is very possible that she participated in many of EarthGov's spy missions. She was strongly recommended as a team member on the USG Kellion repair vessel by the CEC.

USG Ishimura Incident

Immediately after an emergency landing on the USG Ishimura in the launch hangar, the crew of the USG Kellion goes to the waiting room on the Flight Deck. After activating the quarantine in the waiting room, after a short while the entire crew is attacked by the Necromorphs, almost immediately massacring two of the ship's pilots. Kendra manages to bypass the door lock and runs away with Hammond, while Isaac runs away through the other exit to look for some place without the Necromorphs. After the cable car is repaired, Kendra and Hammond go to the Bridge. Hammond will have him return to Kellion to have him start up a damage report. Unfortunately, the ship explodes, destroying the three survivors' only escape route. After a short while of searching for information about the ship's captain on the officers' computer, Kendra and Hammond are attacked by Leaper and separated.

Kendra escapes from the Bridge and loses Hammond. After a long wandering, Kendra manages to find refuge in Ishimura's Computer Core. She manages to contact Isaac and Hammond through their RIG suits, telling them where she is and that she has hacked the base and has access to everything, so she can actively assist them on a repair mission by opening blocked doors, telling them where to go and discovering what really happened on the ship. Kendra openly distrusts Hammond, claiming that he hides something about the Marker and knows much more than he says. Kendra is also more nervous, telling them to abort the entire mission and focus on escaping from the ship.

Later in the game due to the Marker's influence, Kendra begins to hallucinate, causing her to see her brother on the monitor screen waving his hand at her as if nothing had happened. Kendra tells Isaac that "that's not possible," which could mean her brother is most likely dead or never sent to work aboard the ship. Apparently, Kendra forgot about her hallucinations, telling Isaac that he had gone mad himself. It is very possible that she is not fully aware of her damaged sanity and consciousness, or her hallucinations were just a trick.



  • Kendra mentions seeing her brother at one point, indicating that she has a sibling. However, she claims that the experience was "impossible", implying that her brother is either dead or was never assigned to work on the Ishimura. Considering that the Marker tends to use hallucinations of dead relatives to manipulate the mind, the former is more than likely the truth.
  • Kendra Daniels was named one of the "Hottest Video Game Babes of 2008" by Maxim Magazine.


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