Kenneth "Red" Parker Jr is the main antagonist of the 2008 superhero comedy film Hancock. He is a bank robber and Hancock's arch-nemesis.

He was portrayed by Eddie Marsan, who portrayed The Headmaster in Deadpool 2.


Kenneth "Red" Parker Jr is a bank robber who is first seen in a building, threatening people and robbing a bank in Los Angeles, he threatens to blow up the entire building and calls Hancock an asshole (a word Hancock extremely hates), Hancock tells Red to call him an asshole one more time, Red does in which he loses his left hand when Hancock cuts it off with a sharp blade (off-screen), Red goes to jail for a limited time. In a news report, it is revealed that Red used to be a psychology professor.

Confrontation with Hancock & Death

At the end of the film, Red shows up with two people that were also in prison and were wounded by Hancock, he ends up confronting Hancock and shooting him once in the back, wounding him, in which Hancock walks up to him, and is then shot again, Hancock just looks at him and is shot again in the stomach, Hancock falls to the floor helpless, Red begins to start mocking Hancock and sarcastically tells him that everybody in the world is going to miss him for his heroic actions, as Red is about to finish off Hancock, in a comic relief, Ray (Hancock's best friend) severs off Red's other hand with a fireaxe in which Red curses at him that he didn't, with Red distracted, Ray uses this opportunity to swing the axe into Red's face, killing the bank robber instantly.


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