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Kenneth Irons is  the main antagonist in the Witchblade series and he is portrayed as nearly responsible for every evil deeds in Sara's life making him the main antagonist of Witchblade's first half Mindhunter and Switch, an alternative universe spin-off.



Kenneth Irons was a knight from anicent times who drank the Holy Grail to become immoral and stopped aging and has a son who is also a villain like him.In the Present Time Kenneth Irons was a buisness man and has fought Sara the current user of the Witchblade at the time to take control of the obect for his own ends.He also used to date Sara at one point. His Son Gerald who also continue his legacy and avenge him against Sara. Ian Nottinghan was his right hand manga until his betrayl and after antagonizing Sara he was killed by her boss. He was also the main villain of Mindhunter crossover event where he was plotting the brainwash the world in an attempt to bring out the witchblade.


Kenneth Irons appears as a teenager and major antagonist in the Switch series.


Keneeth Irons has a middle age appearance but does not age due to his drinking of the holy grail.


Kenneth Irons is a ruthless man and obessesd with gaining the power of the witchblade without a care for others he dosen't care who he has to hurt he will make them suffer in his quest for dominance.He is one of Top Cow's most vicious villains.

Powers and Abilities

After drinking from the Holy Grail, Irons became immortal and stopped aging. Irons possessed knowledge of magic spells and could also feel or sense magical energy. Irons was also a skilled swordsmanship and fighter due to his experiences with the Templar Knights. Iron's most potent weapons were his centuries of experience, his vast economic resources, and his influence over powerful underground organizations such as the Mafia and Yakuza. He also once wield the Witchblade.

In other Media

Irons appears as the main villain of the live-action Witchblade series. In both seasons he is portrayed as more malevolent than his comic book counterpart. In season 1 he plots to get the Witchblade from Sara and in season 2 after dying he came alive as a spirit.