Kenny is the leader of the bullies and the main antagonist in the horror film, Let Me In. His primary target is the main protagonist named Owen, who befreinded a vampiric girl named Abby. He also has a criminally insane older brother named Jimmy, who was a likely cause of Kenny's bad nature.

He was portrayed by Dylan Minnette.


Kenny first appears in the movie being a constant hassel to Owen, but he is shown to be ruthless to other students as he is seen hasseling a girl in a swimming pool. He is shown to be very torturous and insufferable to Owen, such as attacking him to the point where he wets his pants. Owen meanwhile befriended a vampire named Abby, who constantly told Owen to stand up for himself and when the time comes she'll be there for him.

In class, when Owen is learning morse code to talk to Abby, he runs into Kenny again. Kenny taunts Owen hitting him with a antenna rod scarrring his cheek.

Taking Abby's advise, during a hockey trip to a frozan pond, Owen decides to stand up for himself. Kenny lures Owen away from the class and notices Owen holding onto a metal rod. Kenny threatens to push Owen through the ice and Owen strikes Kenny, splitting his ear.

Kenny leaves Owen alone up until the climax of the movie, where Kenny, his friends and his older brother Jimmy plan their revenge on Owen. The bullies start a fire outside of the swiming lessons class to distract the teacher. Jimmy then scares the students out of the class but they corner Owen, dragging him back into the class and throwing him in the pool. Owen is told that if he can hold his breath for three minutes, he'll cut his cheek, if not he'll get his eye cut out, although the other bullies are terrified and beg the brothers to stop drowning Owen. As Owen is held underwater, Abby arives and starts to attack the bullies in a bloody, horrific melee. Shortly afterwords, Owen and Abby leave.