You really think you can just walk in here...Do everything...No! You can't just go around saving people's lives, Nick, no. No! NO! That's me! I'm the hero!
~ Kenny, as he is confronted by Nick.

Kenneth "Kenny" Dermot, also known briefly as "Kick", is one of the optional Psychopaths appearing in Dead Rising 3. He initially is wowed, and envied by Nick's capabilities, but that soon turns to murderous envy when he decides to try going after Nick later on. Out of the Psychopaths that embody the Seven Deadly Sins; Kenny embodies Envy.


Dead Rising 3

Kenny initially appears on a rooftop sobbing at his failure to save anyone and being useless during the outbreak. Nick manages to reassure him by meeting Kenny's challenge of killing five zombies with weaponless techniques and building a Combo Weapon in front of him. Despite antagonizing Nick for being "the hero", Kenny is wowed by Nick's capabilities.

However, Kenny decides to take matters into his own hands and tries to design his own Combo Weapons to be a hero just like Nick. Unfortunately, his methods require testing which leads him to taking an unfortunate woman as a hostage to use as zombie bait. Nick confronts him about this, only to be brushed off when Kenny, now declaring himself to be "Kick", declares that he'll be the hero for once instead of Nick. With a Combo Weapon designed a ball of barbed wire that can fling a seemingly infinite amount of saw blades (referred to in-game as a "Junk Ball"), Kenny charges Nick and attempts to kill him so he can assume Nick's heroic role.

Nevertheless, Nick defeats Kenny and the bespectacled Psychopath is attacked by a swarm of zombies drawn by the fight. However, like Paul Carson and Bibi Love in previous games, Nick has the option of saving Kenny's life and recruiting him as a survivor and ally (Kenny remorsefully pledging that he'll be Nick's sidekick).



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