Kent Marlowe

Kent Marlowe

Kent Marlowe () is the secondary antagonist in the 1998 Disney Television Movie Safety Patrol.

played by Philip Van Dyke

Kent is the leader of the safety patrol members, who are also bullies. He is also the son of the Principal at the school Laurelview Middle School, where robberies were taking place. Kent and his patrol members were working with the perpetrators, mother and son robbers Georgina (aka Mrs. Day the school cook) and Tim Bartlett (aka Mr. Miller the janitor), with the robbery.

At a school assembly, the film's protagonist, Scout Bozell (played by Bug Hall ) who always dreamed of being a safety patrol member, cheered "Go Safeties!" for Kent and his safety patrol friends, making the rest of the school chant as if they were telling them to leave. As a result Kent and his friends were humiliated by Scout. Later on, when Mrs. Marlowe got suspicious and found out that a Safety Patrol member is behind the thefts, Kent recruits Scout to be on safety patrol in order to frame him for the crimes.

At a ceremony, in which Hannah Zapruder (Scout's girlfriend) is valedictorian, Kent gives a lighter and the key to Mrs. Marlowe's office to Mr. Miller and Mrs. Day, who then sneak them into Scout's pocket. When fellow patrolman Coop asks Scout to get his gloves from the safety patrol office, he discovers Mrs. Marlowe's office is on fire, so he puts the fire out and saves the hamster; however, when the key and the lighter fall out of his pocket, it appears as though Scout stole the key and started the fire, so he is kicked off of safety patrol and forbidden to attend the Fall Ball.

The next day at Hannah's house, Scout, Hannah, and their friends Lucky (Hannah's brother), T'Boo, Lefty, Red, and Walt discovered from Hannah and Lucky's father's videotaping of the ceremony that Kent, Mrs. Day, and Mr. Miller were behind the fire and planted keys and lighter in Scout's pocket.

They all decide to go to the fall ball to expose Kent and his gang. Scout, Hannah, and the others have "Weird" Al Yankovic expose the tape to everyone, making Kent and the others kicked out of safety patrol for good. Later on, Scout, Hannah, T'Boo, Lucky, Walt, Red, and Lefty replaced Kent and his gang in safety patrol. Making Scout the new safety patrol captain.