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Villain Overview

I... I used to... I used to have... I used to have 30,000 followers who listened to my preachings, and followed in my footsteps. But ever since I came to this prison, my life has been changed to one of scorn... everyone scorned me, and laughed. I was even treated like a fool by some piece of pedophile trash who kidnapped children... 40 years. For 40 long years. My glory days... those were my glory days! 40 years ago, I was crowned by glory!!! And now, it's going to be that way again! The reason for my surviving the fire, "Feng Shi", came back to me as my Stand ability! No doubt, people will start to revere me as their savior now... even if I can't escape this prison, the prisoners will all become my followers! After I take care of you!!! Show me! This is my last attack! Dragon's Dream!!! Show me the way to make my final attack!!!
~ Kenzou to Foo Fighters as he looks back to his past.
All of my attacks will affect you negatively. That's Feng-Shui assassination, that's Dragon's Dream. That's what I mean when I say your fate is decided!!
~ Kenzou
The definitive killing direction, coupled with my perfect position of defense. I'm going to be a leader agaaaain!!! Now I'll go down in history as a saint that's rivaled only by Buddha!!!
~ Kenzou

Kenzou is a minor antagonist in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean. A former cult leader, he is an elderly inmate in Green Dolphin Street Prison who is sent by Enrico Pucci, to assassinate Jolyne Cujoh. He wields the Stand known as Dragon's Dream.



Kenzou's cultists.

Before his imprisonment, Kenzou was the leader of his own cult, with the amount of members going as high as thirty thousand men strong and some members being famous and wealthy. However, due to the growing watch of law enforcement into his cult, Kenzou and thirty-four members of his band decided to commit mass suicide, with Kenzou locking himself and his minions in a villa before drugging everyone and setting the house ablaze. Despite this, Kenzou managed to barely survive the fire, with his unconscious body shielded by rubble from both flame and smoke. Upon being found, he was later sentenced to two-hundred and eighty years in prison, becoming the target of loathing for many inmates during his stay in Green Dolphin Street Prison. However, Kenzou still desired to once again join the ranks of the elite and be worshipped like a god.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean

Called to kill Jolyne from some unknown figure alongside Viviano Westwood, D an G, and Guccio inside the maximum security ward, Kenzou's first action are to make quick work of the inmates Westwood released during his Survivor-fueled rampage, "drowning" them by shoving his fist into their mouth, striking their spinal cord, and having a reaction of mucus do the rest. Kenzou turns his attention to Jolyne after her victory against Westwood, but is stopped before he can properly fight her by Foo Fighters, detecting her inside one of the corpses of his victims. At first protected by the same corpses from its shots, Kenzou turns his attention to the creature, dodging its shots with Dragon's Dream's predictions before trying to "drown" Foo Fighters with his special technique, although he fails to do so. Kenzou then tries to attack Foo Fighters with more martial arts, although Foo Fighters escapes this by squeezing through a guardrail.

Using Dragon's Dream to read his lucky spot yet again, Kenzou continues his assault on the plankton and manages to make Foo Fighters trigger a chain reaction with causes it to be pierced in the cheek by a pair of glasses. Following another attempted "drowning", Dragon's Dream repositions itself to point to a new unlucky spot for Foo Fighters, and then Kenzou resumes his attack, managing to sneak behind Foo Fighters and dealing a strike to the neck to open her mouth. He then attempts his special technique once more, only to be foiled by Foo Fighters biting his fingers. Knocking her towards his Stand, Kenzou uses his Feng Shui, Foo Fighters' arm, and another body to trigger yet another chain reaction that leaves a piece of metal slashing through Foo Fighters' head. Resuming their fight regardless, Foo Fighters manages to land a shot on Kenzou before planning to use a mirror of water to trick him into leaving himself vulnerable.

After a rant on the lack of respect he has gained since his incarceration, Kenzou demands his Stand show him the final blow needed to finish his opponent, returning to their duel as Foo Fighters maneuvers to a hose to restore her water count as the old man follows in pursuit. However, while searching for its faucet, Dragon's Dream warns of incoming bad luck, to which Foo Fighters accepts another hit to Dragon's Dream to attempt gaining its prized liquid, but is stopped by Kenzou's Feng Shui. Foo Fighters is sent falling towards the execution chamber, with the hose activating the electric chair by accident. Unable to remove herself from the chair's grasp, Kenzou attempts another assault, with Foo Fighters attacks only knocking itself further into danger as it trips on Kenzou's shot necklace and is successfully booted towards it, delivering a near-lethal shock to both parties that only leaves Foo Fighters incapacitated.

A now furious and barely alive Kenzou turns his attention towards Jolyne, dodging Stone Free's assault and rushing towards our hero to end her life. However, just about as he tries to attack her, Narciso Anasui stops his blows, while also being able to use Diver Down to turn his legs into spring-like appendages. In a panicked state, Kenzou begs his Stand for aid (to no avail) before being sent hopping into a bucket, humiliatingly ending his threat.


Elderly and short, Kenzou has tanned skin, gray hair fashioned into dreadlocks, orange eyes, and large eyebrows. For clothing, Kenzou wears a purple tracksuit with "G.D. st JAIL" written on the back, matching shoes with white soles, a purple headband with red jewels and white highlights, and a white necklace with red orbs attached. As a cult leader, Kenzou wears the same clothing his members do, being a dark brown uniform, a large, matching collar with white trim, similarly colored shoes with white soles, and a coned hat.


Kenzou's prime desire in life is to be both rich and respected as a god-like figure, willing to even fashion people into cultists willing to thrown their lives away for him to do so. On top of this, Kenzou is sadistic in fighting style (specifically attacking to leave his victims drowning from the inside), quite arrogant in his abilities, angry towards the hatred he receives in prison, and willing to use his Feng Shui to deliver sneaky attacks. Kenzou also relies on the mentioned Feng Shui for his attacks, and also likes martial arts, tea ceremonies, and urine therapy.

Powers and Abilities

Dragon's Dream

F.F., this next spot is your unluckiest. Above your left ear. Right now, this spot is the ultimate red warning sign... also your lucky color is yellow and a picture of a goldfish will bring you luck.
~ Dragon's Dream to Foo Fighters.

While Kenzou himself is quite intelligent, manipulative, and deadly in his martial arts, Kenzou mainly relies on his Stand, Dragon's Dream, for his attacks. Dragon's Dream uses Feng Shui, a famous form of energy that relies on using the wind or water-like flow of energy (hence its name, being translated as "wind and water") to determine if certain areas are lucky or unlucky, pointing its compass-like body accordingly. Kenzou mainly uses this in the form of "Feng Shui assassination", or being able to "read" which spots of the body that, if hit, will deal the highest chance of being lethal, be it from his own hand or a chain reaction. In addition, any accidental attacks to Dragon's Dream counts as an attack to trigger Kenzou's Feng Shui, the Stand itself is "neutral" to all fights (thus being invincible), and is nearly uncounterable besides possibly tricking its master to miscalculate his needed position.

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