Sorry, but you're wrong. I'm Yuufa's older brother... And, Iruga, i'm your friend. It's also true that the flame of darkness burns in my heart. It was you two that caused it! Look at this!
~ Keough to Yuufa and Iruga.

Keough (also known as Haze) is one of the main antagonists in the 2004 anime, Ragnarok: the Animation; an anime adaption of the game. He is a knight who was both an elder brother of the heroine, Yuufa and best friend of an assassin, Iruga, However, he was corrupted by Dark Lord and became his servant.

He was voiced by Robert McCollum and his Japanese actor was Takehito Koyasu, who also voiced as Dio Brando in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood and Zeke Yeager in Attack on Titan.


Like the rest of the Knights, Keough wears the traditional attire of a shining armor, composed of metllic shoulder plates, metlic gauntlets, and metalic boots or shoes. Upon being corrupted by Dark Lord, he wears the mask and the dark green cape. However, during the final battle, he transforms himself into humanoid spider with eight legs at his back.


In the past childhood and adulthood years, Keough was originally a kindhearted and a peaceful person to his friends. However, upon being corrupted by the Dark Lord, he became cruel and hateful to Roan and the rest of the gang. After his later defeat, Keough turned good once more.


Keough was born in the small village somewhere around Rune-Midgard alongside his younger sister, Yuufa as the two of them often played with each other. He also befriends Iruga, who also born in the same place as they spent their time of playing games together.

Later after both Keough and Iruga became adults, Keough became a Knight while Iruga became an Assassin. After quite sometimes, 

Powers & Abilities

Keogh is a villain, who had plenty strengths and weaknesses for the following:


  • Absolute Combat: also called Combat Mastery. Keogh was capable of having the highest level of combat proficiency. However, he combated his friend numerous times.


  • Humility: During his last stand, Keough gets confused against the hands of Iruga.


  • Keough is one of the characters to be exclusive in anime. He didn't appeared or mentioned in the game.
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