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Kerr is the secondary antagonist in the 1994 film Terminal Velocity.

He was portrayed by Christopher MacDonald, who also played Shooter McGavin in Happy Gilmore, Travis Cole in Dirty Work, and Kent Mansley in The Iron Giant.


Kerr is a violent, destructive and unpredictable killer who works for Ben Pinkwater, whose aim is to help him smuggle a large shipment of gold in order to buy their way into power. 

He is first seen drowning a young woman in her own fish tank and later attacks a skydiving instructor named Richard "Ditch" Brodie while he's investigating the home of his latest client, the seemingly deceased Chris Morrow. 

Chris is a Russian spy on a mission to recover the gold shipment and she had faked her death during a parachute jump with Brodie in order to get closer to finding out where the gold is.When Brodie discovers that she is still alive, Kerr and Pinkwater try to kill them, to no avail.  

The pair manages to escape and both Kerr and Pinkwater are forced to hunt them down. During the climax, Kerr and Pinkwater kidnap Chris and lock her in the boot of a car as they depart in their private airplane. However, Brodie manages to catch up with them in another plane and rescues Chris. 

Kerr spots him and attempts to shoot him, but Brodie rams him with the car before reversing out of the back of the plane, taking a terrified Kerr with him.  

During the descent, Kerr fights Brodie in an attempt to gain possession of his parachute, but Brodie finally forces him to release his grip and sends Kerr plummeting to his death. 


  • Even though Pinkwater was the main antagonist of the film, Kerr acted as The Heavy because he drove the plot by attacking Ditch and framing him and was far more dangerous than Pinkwater.