I'm being erased...boss.
~ Keshigomuloid's final words before his death.

The Keshigomuloid is an eraser-themed robot and is the main antagonist in episode 26 of 2012 TV series called Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters.

He is voiced by Kyousei Tsukui who previously voiced Bara Cactus 2, Deputy Leader Zelmoda, Chainsaws, Spartan, a Cell Phone Org, Trinoid 12: Yatsudenwani, Wandean Niwande, Kanadegami, Sojo, Namono-Gatari of the Ortaurus Headder and later voiced Goneshi and Samon Shakekisutanchin.


He made his first appearance when Enter used the KESU (which means erase) metavirus on an ordinary eraser, but due to his small size he was then rejected by his creator.

After the intro Keshigomuloid was still at the school still calling out to his boss as he ran towards the exit of the classroom he then hid himself behind a door when the Go-Busters arrived at the exact destination. However this gives him an idea if he wants to impress Enter he'll just caused some mayhem by erasing the data at the command center.

When the KeshigomuZord is about to arrive in a few minutes Keshigomuloid used his ability to erase the data for the countdown making things very hard for the people at the command center to properly communicate to the team.

As this goes on he transformed back into an ordinary eraser when Nakamura used him to erase a mistake on the manual for the team. However when Beet noted that an eraser has hitched a ride on Hiromu, Keshigomuloid was found out so he attack the people at the command center as he open fired on the duo, but they were deflected by the commander so he battle him instead due to his small size. As this goes on he then headbutts the commander knocking him out leaving Toru to deal the little pest as Nakamura continues guiding the team to form the Megazord. After the KeshigomuZord is destroyed by Gobuster-Oh Keshigomuloid defeated Toru with a kick leaving Nakamura the only person left in the command center as he was about to finish her off he was then destroyed by one shot from the arrival of the Red Buster.

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