Kestrel is a villain of the DC universe who first appeared in the comic book Hawk and Dove (Vol. 5) #1.


Kestrel is the living essence of murder and killing. Created by M’Shulla and Gorrum, two Lords of Chaos, Kestrel was unleashed to destroy the "Hawk and Dove experiment”, an experiment that seeks to prove that Chaos and Order can and should work together. Kestrel can only do this by killing Dove, or by forcing Hawk to reject his partner and join the side of Chaos in the mystic war.

Kestrel is a magical spell that can be cast upon or can possess a host body. This host body is physically unchanged by the possession, but when the host voices the name “Kestrel” aloud, the spell is activated and the Kestrel force takes over. A purple and black costume spreads across his body as the host’s muscles harden and hands become razor edged talons.

Renata Takamori

Ren Takamori 001

Reports on political news in Washington D.C. Former girlfriend of Hank Hall. In the DC Comics continuity before the relaunch into the new 52 she was occasionally possessed by the Kestrel.

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies

Kestrel SBPE

Kestrel was one of the villains that wanted to collect the bounty for capturing Superman and Batman.