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Tits and wings! Tits and wings! Tits and wings!
~ Kev-Man going to Hooters

Kev-Man is a one-time villain from the Netflix original series, Paradise P.D. He is the brainwashed version of Kevin Crawford, created when Randall put a bunch of testosterone patches on his brain to control him.

He is voiced by David Herman.


In "Tucker Carlson is a Huge Dick", Randall wanted Kevin to act more like a man but knew there was no way that would be possible. So, Randall tricked Kevin into getting his head bashed open by a ram. Randall opened Kevin's head and put testosterone patches on his brain to make him more masculine. Before long, Kevin was a reformed version of himself called "Kev-Man", who acted extremely tough and manly. Kev-Man fought a murderous jaywalker and saved the day. It was clear that Randall had helped Kevin become a better police officer. However, Randall got a bit too cocky and decided to give Kevin another brain coma, so that he could become even more manly. This was a mistake as it would turn Kev-Man into a horrific, giant demonic monster that destroyed everything and acted evil instead of good. As this new monster, or as Randall called him, a "manster", Kev-Man went around, destroying everything in Paradise, flipping police cars, punching holes in buildings, and lighting things on fire. All of the cops tried to stop him but none of them were able to defeat him because he was too strong. Just then, Kevin caught the scent of chicken wings from Hooters and went running to the restaurant, chanting "Tits and wings! Tits and wings! Tits and wings!" When Kevin got to Hooters, he destroyed the whole restaurant and attacked everybody. Gina was able to stop him by showing him her boobs, distracting him long enough for her to kick the shit out of him and knock him out. She opened his brain and removed his testosterone patches, killing Kev-Man and freeing Kevin back to the world again. As his normal self, Kevin said that when he was saying "Tits and wings", he was actually referring to the bird sanctuary across the street from Hooters. Randall later apologized to Kevin for turning him into a manster and said that he should have stopped beefing him up after his first dose of testosterone. Kevin was unable to say much of importance, now that his brain damage caused him to talk like an incoherent idiot.


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