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Kevin is a minor antagonist in the show South Park. He was an advisor and possible lover of Satan. He appeared in the episode "Best Friends Forever", where he convinces Satan to launch an assault on Heaven. Satan does so, but when Heaven begins winning the battle, Satan calls a retreat and kills Kevin for ever listening to him. He bears a strong resemblance to Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars.

He was voiced by the series' co-creator Trey Parker.

Best Friends Forever

In the episode, Satan decides to attack Heaven with his countless army of demons with Kevin by his side; helping him make decisions. When God learns of the attack, he creates a new videogame based on the upcoming battle and whoever wins the game, God will kill that person, bring him/her to Heaven and have that person act as the general of Heaven. Kenny McCormick is the first person to defeat the game and is sent to Heaven to lead the angels giving him the title of "Keanu Reeves".

Satan prepares to send his army off, but his angel spy informs him of Kenny's arrival and Satan begins to doubt the attack. Kevin urges to continue; believing that Kenny is not a threat. Satan agrees and sends his army to march on Heaven. Unfortunately for Heaven, South Park doctors bring Kenny back to life, where he lives as a vegetable (a la Terry Schaivo). Eric Cartman wants to pull the feeding tube, for his own selfish reasons but Stan Marsh and Kyle Broflovski want Kenny alive, believing its the right thing to do. As Hell marches closer to Heaven, a heated debate between keeping Kenny alive ensues on Earth. 

When Satan learns of Kenny's revival, he continues his march but when more Americans support Cartman's cause, Satan fears that Kenny will die and decides to pull his army back. Kevin orders him not to and decides to help Stan and Kyle find supporters by "using the republicans". Kevin goes to earth and uses the force on a republican leader and gets him to say that keeping Kenny alive is what God would want. At the end of the episode, everyone realizes that they were wrong and decide to remove the feeding tube and Kenny finally dies.

He arrives in Heaven in time, and just like the videogame, he dominates the battle. Satan views the battle from Hell and learns that Keanu Reeves has returned. He orders a full retreat against Kevin's wishes and Satan, tired of arguing with him decides to break up with him and kills him.



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