I warned you that one day I would become a god.
~ Zym to Conan, during the final battle

Khalar Zym is a ruthless and power-hungry king and the main antagonist in the 2011 film remake of Conan the Barbarian.

He was portrayed by Stephen Lang, who also played Miles Quaritch in the 2009 global epic hit Avatar by James Cameron.


Khalar Zym is obsessed with bringing his wife, Maliva, back from the dead due to both being in love with her and the fact she was a powerful Witch. His wife that was burned to the stake for her crimes including helping Khalar Zym in his quest for godhood.

He knows full well that without Maliva, he could never obtain said power but if she was returned he was likely to gain it. His plan to resurrect Maliva involves using the mask of Acheron which can only be used by the blood of Tamara (whom also must be a virgin for the full power) because she is the last known descendant of the Acheron clan. His witch daughter Marique is his arguably most powerful and loyal ally and one of if not the only one he shows any kind of affection towards.

Near the climax of the film he gets the mask and power despite Tamara no longer being a virgin (thus its possible it was never truly the complete power of the mask).

He is killed while he was battling Conan and the platform breaks with Conan barely escaping. His last words are him screaming "Maliva".


Khalar Zym is portrayed as brutal and egotistical man who has a unquenchable thirst for power to the point he can kill an entire tribe without batting an eye or showing an ounce of remorse. His ultimate goal was to become a physical god capable of obtaining of ruling the world for eternity but was smart enough to realize in order to obtain this he'd need Maliva's help. Despite being a cruel warlord, Khalar Zym was shown to care for both his late wife and his daughter to the point. It is implied that he does not merely wish to revive Maliva for the fact that she could help in his goal but to reunite his family. He was shown to compliment his daughter at times even claiming that she was a state she was a powerful Witch yet also say's while she is great that her mother, Maliva, was even stronger. In his final moments all he could do was scream his wife's name possibly out of regret of being unable to revive her as he fell to his death.