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NOTE: This article is about Al-Asad from the 2007 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare sub-series. The reboot version can be found here: Khaled Al-Asad.
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هكذا ابتدأت ( how it begins.)
~ Al-Asad before executing President Al-Fulani.

Khaled Al-Asad (in Arabic: خالد الأسد) is a supporting antagonist in the Call of Duty franchise's original Modern Warfare sub-series, serving as the secondary antagonist of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (as well as the 2016 remaster of the same name) and as a posthumous antagonist in the 2009 sequel Modern Warfare 2 (as well as the 2020 remaster of the same name).

He is a military commander of the Saudi Arabian military and the dictator of the country after overthrowing President Yasir Al-Fulani, prompting the United States to intervene and remove him from power. He is an ally to Imran Zakhaev, who aided in his coup as means of diverting the Americans' attention from the Ultranationalists in their takeover of Russia.

He was voiced by Gabriel Al-Rajhi.


Executing Yasir Al-Fulani

Al-Fulani Execution The Coup CoD4

Al-Asad's evil smirk as he executes Al-Fulani.

Prior to his coup d'état, Khaled Al-Asad was once a commander of the Saudi Arabian military, but became opposed to the country's monarchy and government under the leadership of President Yasir Al-Fulani, whom he viewed as a corrupt and selfish ruler with only self-interests at heart. In 2011, wanting Al-Fulani overthrown, he entered an alliance with Imran Zakhaev and staged a coup, in which he successfully overthrew the government and monarchy. This had intentionally forced the United States to divert attention away from Russia and its ongoing civil war towards Saudi Arabia, which was now under Al-Asad's absolute control. After he overthrew Fulani's government, he had the president captured and brought to an arena where he was to be executed by Al-Asad himself on live television in order to spark a revolution. While Fulani was being brought to the execution site, supporters of his government and other opposition figures were being arrested and executed on the spot by the OpFor, Al-Asad's militant group. After Al-Fulani had arrived at the sight, Zakhaev was present and gave Al-Asad a Desert Eagle which he used to execute Fulani to spark his revolution on live television, broadcasted to the entire world and it successfully convinces the United States to invade the country.

American Military Intervention

Following the coup, Al-Asad assumes control over Saudi Arabia and rules it as a military dictator, which is seen in the eyes of the United States as a threat to the stability of the Middle East and has the United States Marine Corps deployed to the country to assist in the overthrowing of Al-Asad as military dictator of the country. They first head to the television station where Al-Asad is supposedly located at and the Marines are sent in. Along the way, they're met with stiff opposition from the OpFor and other loyal followers of Al-Asad, but the Marines manage to break through only to find the station abandoned and Al-Asad not present. The Marines push forward in their pursuit of Al-Asad digging deeper and deeper into the country and they eventually find out that Al-Asad is located in the country's capital. The United States launches a large-scale ground invasion of the city consisting of over 30,000 Marines, hundreds of AH-1 Cobra gunships and CH-46 Sea Knight transport helicopters to the city to find and capture Al-Asad. He's not present, but a Russian warhead is instead.

During the battle, Al-Asad had secretly evacuated the city with the aid of Ultranationalists Yuri and Vladimir Makarov to a safehouse far away from the battle and safe from the nuclear blasts. NEST Teams are sent in and manage to locate the warhead while the OpFor forces in the city have been all but wiped out completely and Marine forces are withdrawing to a safe distance in the event that the warhead were to go off. During the evacuation, the bomb goes off an all remaining OpFor forces along with 30,000 Marines are all killed in the explosion and the city is destroyed and left in ruins while Al-Asad hides out safely in the bunker. Sometime later, Al-Asad left the safehouse and traveled from the Middle East to Azerbaijan instead where he was hiding out in another safehouse, but was spotted this time.

Capture and Execution

Khaled Al-Asad Killed

Al-Asad executed by Captain Price. Ironically, he was killed the same way he killed Fulani, a shot to the head.

Following the nuclear destruction of the Saudi capital, Al-Asad was relocated to Northern Azerbaijan where he was protected by the Russian Ultranationalists hiding out in a small local village, to which he had them kill the villagers to ensure his own "safety". Originally thought to have been safe, Al-Asad was actually spotted there and a joint SAS-USMC task force aided by the Russian Loyalists raided the village and engaged Al-Asad's Ultranationalist protections. The battle was long, but Al-Asad was found in a farm nearby and was eventually captured and interrogated by Captain John Price for where he got the bomb, to which he denied his involvement regarding the detonation. During the interrogation, Al-Asad's phone rang and Zakhaev was revealed to be on the phone. After Price answered the call, he shot and killed Al-Asad in the same manner Al-Asad killed Fulani. He later evacuated the remaining villagers along with the rest of his team after Ultranationalists had arrived to claim what was left of Al-Asad.


Although Al-Asad was deservedly killed for his crimes, his OpFor military army continued to operate in the Middle East. Graffiti of Al-Asad also began to be put on display on the buildings in each of the cities, showing how much influence he still maintains regardless of his death. While he was technically not directly responsible for the nuclear detonation, Al-Asad's involvement had also led to General Shepherd starting his own secret campaign for revenge in order to secure his name and legacy as a war hero and restore the United States' reputation.

2019 Reboot

Main article: Khaled Al-Asad (Reboot)


Khaled Al-Asad was a powerful and charismatic individual. He was a staunch opponent to the Saudi monarchy and the government of President Yasir Al-Fulani and held deeply revolutionary ideals. His revolutionary ideology was spread to countless people thanks to his charismatic nature, which he used to rally support to his cause and eventually overthrow the government and abolish its monarchy. He originally stated that his revolution was for revenge against the government and monarchy of Saudi Arabia which he had accused of holding self-interests at heart. Secretly however, he himself had overthrown Al-Fulani just so he could aid the Russian Ultranationalists during their civil war in Russia, in exchange for their support and aid in abolishing the Saudi monarchy. This shows that he indeed had some hypocritical elements himself. Al-Asad was also not opposed to eliminating opposition as during his coup, he had many people rounded up, arrested, and even executed most likely for supporting the government that he had overthrown and was willing to use a nuclear warhead to eliminate the American invasion force sacrificing thousands of his own men in the process. He also had no regard for innocent life, as during the last moments of his life when he was hiding in his safehouse in Northern Azerbaijan, he had the Ultranationalists "protect" him by slaughtering the nearby villagers.

Al-Asad's Speech

Today, we rise again as one nation, in the face of betrayal and corruption! We all trusted this man to deliver our great nation into a new era of prosperity. But like our monarchy before the Revolution, he has been colluding with the West with only self interest at heart! Collusion breeds slavery! And we shall not be enslaved! The time has come to show our true strength. They underestimate our resolve. Let us show that we do not fear them. As one people, we shall free our brethren from the yoke of foreign oppression! Our armies are strong, and our cause is just. As I speak, our armies are nearing their objectives, by which we will restore the independence of a once great nation. Our noble crusade has begun. Just as they lay waste to our country, we shall lay waste to theirs. This is how it begins.





  • Given that Al-Asad is named as the "Second Horseman", he is presumably symbolized as the Horseman of War since the figure is the second horseman in the New Testament.
  • Al-Asad's name in translates to "immortal lion" in English, but this is never referenced or mentioned in the game. However, the translation is brought up in the rebooted sub-series during Spec Ops of Modern Warfare (2019).

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