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For millennia we have survived. Made others sacrifice in the name of our prosperity - so that they may in turn find redemption. Who are you, a human, once a mortal, to defy our traditions?
~ Khan Maykr to Doomguy/Doom Slayer.

The Khan Maykr, or the Supreme Maker, is the main antagonist of the 2020 hit video game DOOM Eternal, the sequel to the 2016 videogame DOOM. She is the ruler of Makyrs, a race of extra-dimensional alien beings that inhabit the realm of Urdak. She is also the one behind the demonic invasion on Earth, and the master of the three hell priests.

She was voiced by Nika Futterman, who previously voiced Asajj Ventress and Sy Snootles from Star Wars, Zagara from StarCraft II, Raging Raven (beauty voice) in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns for the Patriots, Megaera in God of War: Ascension, Vendra Prog in Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus.


The Khan Maykr is one of the many Khan Maykrs that is birthed by the Singularity, the collective Maykr consciousness, that is destiny-bound to lead the Maykr race until the next Khan is born. The Singularity, which contains the conscious soul-data of every major Maykr that has ever lived and died, processes and refines this data as a means of selective evolution.

As hierarch of the conscious neural-matrix to which each Maykr is interconnected, it is physically impossible for a Maykr to refuse the collective order of shared consciousness and disobey a Khan. This system has functioned without error since the creation of Urdak, until the disappearance of the Father, the progenitor of the Maykr race, caused by a rogue Maykr known as the Seraphim. Without the Father, the Maykrs are incapable of creating a successor to the Khan lineage, allowing the current Khan Maykr is to rule Urdak without limit.

The Khan Maykr led her race in expanding their influence and dominion across the known universe. Among the races, they converted to serve their cause are the Argenta of Argent D'Nur. During the time of the reign of King Novik, an outsider known later as the Doom Slayer came to Argent D'Nur and was judged in the Coliseum. The Khan Maykr was piqued by the Slayer and his ravings about demons in which she had him brought before her and ordering her minions to learn his language, as she wanted to know more about the lands, creatures and a dark place unknown to the Queen and her cast.

The coming of the Slayer soon led to the Maykr's contact with the demonic legions of Hell, as they invaded Argent D'Nur and causing the outbreak of the Unholy Wars. The Khan Maykr was interested in the demons' Hell Essence and gave her blessings to the Order of the Deag to study the Essence. Eventually, their research discovered that demonic energy has an unlimited potential to revolutionize military science and industrial healing, which include the prevention of Transfiguration that the Maykrs feared.

The Khan Maykr then commanded the Argenta to take the lands of Hell and harvest the Essence, as she has the Order of the Deag to construct vast factories on the Hellscape to gather Essence for further development that would combine the Wraiths' energy and Hell Essence into Argent Energy. The Khan Maykr was unease with the unforeseen rise of the Doom Slayer, who was blessed with greater powers by the Divinity Machine due to the actions of Samur Maykr in which the Khan Maykr did not give him permission to do so. But the Khan Maykr saw an opportunity to find profit in the Slayer's endorsement among the indoctrinated masses and using him to pave the way for more Essence.

As the war against wages on, the Khan Maykr later founded a suitable way of gaining more Essence; the Khan Maykr made a secret pact with Satan: to harvest the flow of Argent Energy from Hell to Urdak, in return for granting demon-kind access to all worlds under her influence. The Khan Maykr justified the sacrifices of countless mortal souls as the only way to prolong the survival of her race. She and her converts helped the demons with the processing of mortal races into Argent Energy, using slave labor to construct the Soul Spires in Nekravol to accelerate the efficiency of Argent production as captives are tortured until no semblance of humanity remains within them, thus extracting the soul and leaving the victim's body to transform into demons.

The Khan Maykr's insidious conspiracy is eventually discovered by the Night Sentinels and leading to a civil war on Argent D'Nur between those who remained indoctrinated and loyal to the Maykrs and the other opposed to the Maykrs. The war ended with the opposition crushed by betrayal among the Night Sentinels' ranks as the Khan Maykr's enemies are left scattered in Hell where they fell against Hell's endless demonic horde. However, the only survivor of the Night Sentinels is the Doom Slayer, who remained surprisingly relentless and undefeatable against Hell.

Doom Eternal

The Khan Maykr orchestrated the Hell invasion of Earth, which she judged humanity unworthy and their world harvested into Argent Energy. She tasked the Hell Priests Deag Grav, Ranak, and Nilox to oversee the invasion. Her plan is soon opposed by the Doom Slayer, who was determined to quell the invasion by killing the Hell Priests and thus putting the Maykrs' future at risk. When the Slayer killed Nilox, the Khan Maykr teleported the two remaining priests to unknown locations and warning the Slayer to not interfere while claiming that the invasion is "humanity's chance to repent, to give service to [the Maykrs]," and reminding the Slayer's past role in helping the Maykrs discovering Hell's existence. But the Slayer ignored her words.

After the Slayer killed Ranak, the Khan Maykr moved Grav to Sentinel Prime before once again warning the Slayer, in the form of a transmission, that his interference will not disrupt her work. However, the Slayer soon managed to reach Sentinel Prime with the help of Dr. Samuel Hayden. The Khan Maykr repeatedly attempt to dissuade the Slayer, stating her justification of continuing the flow of Argent Energy to save her people at the cost of many lives and even promising the Doom Slayer of returning him to his original world and what the demons took from him in exchange for giving up his quest. But the Slayer remained unswayed and he killed the final Hell Priest.

Angered by the Slayer's actions, the Khan Maykr made one attempt to stop the Slayer by remotely shutting down the Fortress of Doom and trapping him there. The Khan Maykr then resolved to continue her plans by resurrecting the Icon of Sin to devour Earth while claiming the Slayer being at fault for causing humanity's extinction. However, the Khan Maykr did not foresee the Slayer using the Crucible to restore the Fortress back to his control.

As the Khan Maykr prepared a ceremony to awaken the Icon of Sin in Urdak, the Slayer arrived at the ritual. The Khan Maykr initially remained unfazed by his presence, believing he cannot stop the procession. But to her horror, the Slayer used a special dagger that was given to him by the Betrayer to destroy the heart that would have allowed the Khan Maykr to control the Icon of Sin. With the Icon of Sin awakened in Urdak, this caused the seal blocking Urdak from Hell to be broken and allowing the demons to invade Urdak, which they no longer abide by their treaty with the Maykrs and bringing ruin to the once holy place and its people.

The Khan Maykr confronted the Slayer, angered over his actions that have doomed her and her race, before battling him. She is inevitably killed by the Doom Slayer. Under her dying breath, she claimed that the Slayer's transgressions on Urdak will jeopardize all of creation. As she dies, the orb on her chests ascends into the sky, creating a storm and a mysterious voice crying out the word "No!" as this happens.


We will not be able to control it! NO!
~ Khan Maykr when the Doom Slayer interruptus the ritual.



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