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We will serve up your children and call it veal
~ Khan Worm

The Khan Worm is an antagonist in Supernnatural seasons 6 and 10. It is a monster the Winchesters have encountered twice. Dean names it because he discovered it and it is a completely new entity, in its own words, "You don't have a name for me."


The Khan Worm is an antagonist during Supernatural seasons 6 and 10. It is a grotesque worm created by Eve as a way of possessing humans to kill for her. Eve first created it when she possessed a truck driver to make him kill his wife, when she kissed the driver the Khan Worm slithered into his brain.

Season 6

Then the Khan Worm got into one of the trucker's friends who killed twelve people, and then it managed to possess Dean, who got extremely aggressive and killed Gwen Campbell. Leaving Dean, it infected Samuel Campbell who tried to kill them, then finally posssessed Bobby Singer, who under its influence bragged about how monsters would have world domination and how humans would be kept in pens. Knowing its weakness was electricity, Sam and Dean zapped the Khan Worm and destroyed it.

Season 10

When Cole Trenton was hunting Dean, he came upon his old friend Jemma and Rick, who were trying to rescue some soldiers but had encountered one possessed by a Khan Worm. He was violent and aggressive. He infected Kitt with the Khan Worm and she infected Cole with it. Cole was empowered and set out to kill Dean Winchester, but Dean saved him from the Worm by frying the monster with electricity. Now freed, Cole repented of his former hostility to Dean upon learning his father had been a man-eating monster so Dean had to kill him.


The Khan Worm is a sadistic beast which mutates the minds of its victims to become animalistic and aggressive. Physically, they remain the same, but their faces become twisted, and aggressive. The Khan Worm likes to make its victims kill friends and family, and laughing as it does so. When possessing Bobby, it gave him a cruel edge. Conventional weapons will not harm it, and its only weakness is electricity.

Humans possessed by the Khan Worm

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