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Khanjikhan is a minor character in Season 6: Skybound of LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. He was the Djinn King and ruler of the realm of Djinjago, and Nadakhan's father. Due to The Preeminent being destroyed, he gives his son the Sword of Souls, and implored his son to avenge him and their kind.


Khanjikhan was the Djinn King and ruler of Djinjago, the sister realm of the Cursed Realm (The Preeminent). A long time ago, he disowned his son, the prince Nadakhan, after he exiled himself to the realm of Ninjago in order to become the most feared pirate in the latter realm. Many decades later, when Nadakhan, alongside his top Sky Pirates (Flintlocke, Dogshank, Doubloon, Monkey Wretch, and Clancee), returns to the realm via use of the Realm Crystal as it is collapsing due to the death of the Preeminent, with the latter having been recently destroyed by the Ninja. Khanjikhan informed his son that about their sister realm being destroyed. Deducing that the Ninja are responsible for this, Nadakhan offers his father to save him and their people with the Realm Crystal, but he refused to abandon his home. He then gives Nadakhan the Sword of Souls. Enraged by the Ninja's actions and filled with vengeance, Nadakhan destroys the Teapot of Tyrahn, held in Clancee's hand, with the weapon and absorbs Clouse, Sensei Wu, and Misako (the former three of whom were trapped in the teapot) into the sword, allowing him to feel their life force. Khanjikhan then implores his son to avenge him and their people, before Nadakhan and his crew leave the collapsing realm. Afterwards, Khanjikhan, along with the rest of the Djinn race, perishes in the realm's destruction.



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