KhanjiKhan, also known as The Djinn King, is the overarching antagonist of Ninjago: Skybound, He is a warmonger leading the genies, and is Nadakhan's father. Due to The Preeminent being destroyed, he seeks through his son revenge on Ninjago, sending his son to destroy the city.


He is an inhabitant and the dictator of a sister realm for the Preeminent, Djinnjago, as the death of the preeminent will later cause the destruction of his realm. A long time ago, he sent Nadakhan on mission to bring him the djinn blades, so he can possess more power. However, when Nadakhan returns with the djinn blades, after Soto imprisoned him in a lamp, and Clouse has rescued him, he (The Dijin King) informed his son Nadakhan that the preeminent was destroyed and revealed him the truth about Dinjago and the preeminent. He sent Nadakhan to avenge him, and gave him the sword of souls. It is unknown if he will return in the new Dinjago in Ninjago after his presumable death.


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