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Kharlan is the first major antagonist in the manga and anime The Heroic Legend of Arslan.

2015 anime

Years ago, Kharlan participated in the defense of Maryam against the Lusitanian invasion.

At the battle of Atropatene, Kharlan went to scout ahead when a dense fog loomed over the field while advising Daryun to inform the king Andragoras III of the situation. Later as the fighting spiraled into Lusitania's favor, Kharlan heard Arslan crying for help and brought Lusitanian soldiers with him. While Arslan did nothing wrong, Kharlan wanted to kill him. Daryun raced to the Parsian prince's rescue and learned that Kharlan wanted to strip him of the Marzban rank. After a brief fight, Kharlan orders his soldiers to pull back.

At Ecbatana, Kharlan led his rightful king, Hilmes into the royal palace. He dueled another Marzban, Saam in the lower levels as he would not understand the traitor's actions.

After Kharlan apologized to Hilmes for not capturing Narsus, he is granted a second chance by Guiscard to hunt down Arslan. The traitorous Marzban then began targeting villagers to give a warning to Arslan and his company. He then spotted a man who claimed Arslan was heading southward, but Kharlan killed the man who was a spy for Narsus. Then, some civilians came and told Kharlan that Arslan's company would be heading for Peshawar.

Along the way, Kharlan's forces were ambushed by the arrivals of Gieve and Faranghis, but the traitor charged at Arslan. He did not want to give his reason for betraying the kingdom, until Daryun began to duel Kharlan a second time.

Daryun beat him, but Kharlan suddenly fell off his horse and was pierced by his own spear. Dying of his injuries, he sees Arslan surrounded by his new company, and tells them that Andragoras is still alive, but his throne has been stolen. Despite Arslan's attempts to save him, Kharlan refuses to follow the prince's orders and dies.


Kharlan is a man who believes that Hilmes is the rightful king of Pars, and would kill civilians to justify his actions.