Khor (Earth-616)

Khor, also known as "The Black Sorcerer", is an evil sorcerer and a villain in the Marvel Mystery Comics and one of the many villains in the Marvel Comics universe.


Khor the sorcerer was an active practitioner of the black arts in 13th century France. In the year 1245 AD he would be banished to the so called "Land Where Time Stands Still" for some unspecified crime. This realm was apparently a timeless realm where he would live out his exile until the "Earth disintegrated". By 1941 he would discover the mystical black fog, which would allow him to transport others into his realm, and briefly appear on the Antarctic continent. Upon this discovery, he would capture the crew of the S.S. Olympus who were on an expedition to the Antarctic region, part of Khor's plan to amass a population of slaves to live in exile with him that he could rule over as king.

His kidnapping would attract the attention of the Vision who would travel to Antarctica to search for the missing explorers. Confronted by Khor, Vision would be transported to the timeless land to be his prisoner as well. However, in one on one combat, the Vision would prove Khor's superior and knock the sorcerer into a pool of lava, killing him. With Khor defeated, the Vision would free his captives and they would all escape from the timeless realm.

Powers and Abilities

Khor is a sorcerer whose mystical limits are unknown. He has displayed the ability to hurl bolts of mystical force, teleport himself and individuals and be able to shrink his opponents. The latter ability was done by his conjuring by evoking the aid of unnamed demons, witches and goblins. Any other abilities remain unrevealed.

Khor had his own assortment of mystical tomes and books to summon spells and increase his magic.

Khor also wields a whip which he uses to torture his slaves.

Khor was trapped in the so-called "Land Where Time Stands Still", only able to leave it through a mystical black fog that would allow him to materialize for brief periods in Antarctica. In addition, his spells had a limited effect on the Vision, who would be restored to normal upon contact with smoke. Despite the fact that he was supposedly ageless, he was not immortal or invulnerable and could be killed by conventional means.


  • While not stated in this issue Khor appears in, the "Land Where time Stands Still" was revealed as the Savage Land in Marvel Atlas #1.
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