Khyber's Panuncian is an antagonist in Ben 10: Omniverse. She is a Panuncian from the planet Hathor. She is also Khyber's new pet and former wielder of the Nemetrix.


Khyber's Panuncian looks like a huge feline with sharp claws, a tail with a sharp hook at the end of it, fangs like a sabertooth tiger, and a small horn on the top of her nose. She also has a lion-like roar. She wears a red spiked collar that holds the Nemetrix.

As an Ultimate Panuncian, she is much larger, her fur being a crimson red, and her head now having armor plating with a larger horn than a regular Panuncian's, with two smaller horns behind it and on the sides. She has larger fangs, and patches of fur appear to be missing, exposing peach colored skin. Spikes grow from her shoulders and back. The spikes and armor plating are identical to Crabdozer's armor.


Khyber's Panuncian made her first appearance in "A Fistful of Brains", as she was ordered by Khyber to attack Ben Tennyson. Ironically, Ben's first alien to fight her was Ditto, a Splixson which is the Panuncian's natural predator. After Ben changes back, Khyber then has his pet split apart and transform into several predators from the Nemetrix.

Khyber's Panuncian appears again in "For a Few Brains More", assiting Khyber as she keeps Ben's Team down when Albedo takes Azmuth's intelligence. She later fights the group on Earth and is overpowered by Zed. Ben swallows the beast as Upchuck, but then she turns into her ultimate form inside his stomach. Ben was able to defeat her again by turning into Water Hazard and force her to drink heavy amounts of water while Kevin breaks the Nemetrix around her neck which turns her back to normal. Khyber's Panuncian was never seen again after this.

Powers and Abilities

Like Splixsons, Khyber's Panuncian can multiply herself and could multiply the Nemetrix. Once she has multiplied herself enough, each clone could transform into a different predator using the Nemetrix. As an Ultimate Panuncian, she is shown to have greater strength and size along with her sharp fangs, claws and tail, yet it is unknown if she still retains her self-duplication abilities.



  • Unlike Zed, Khyber's previous pet and wielder of the Nemetrix, a Panuncian is a predator of the Splixson's, while Zed was not a known predator to any of Ben's aliens, only being able to transform into the Omnitrix aliens' predators.
  • In the Panuncian's original design, she has a brownish red colour.
  • According to Khyber, Panuncians are very rare.
  • Panuncians resemble Smilodons, the best known saber-toothed cat that lived in North America during the Pleistocene epoch (2.5 mya (million years ago) –10,000 years ago).
  • The Ultimate Panuncian is the first Ultimate to be used through the Nemetrix.
    • Ultimate Panuncian is also the first evolved form of a predator seen in the series.
  • Ultimate Panuncian's head and body shape is very similar to He-Man: Masters of the Universe's Battle-Cat, both having armor plated heads and large bodies.


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