Kiazuki is an antagonist turned supporting/main character in the web-series Hanazuki: Full of Treasures. Kiazuki is a Moonflower that lives in a seemingly infertile moon far away with her Hemka-like companion, Zikoro.


Kiazuki appears similar to Hanazuki in the sense that both resemble human children with a flower growing from the top of their heads, sport freckles on both cheeks, and wear clothes with a black and white color scheme. In terms of clothes, her outfit is a dress that cuts by the knees and black, open-toed sandals. Other than that, her hair is done in a braid and has a black-to-white gradient going downwards. Her skin is also paler and, most notably, she has a black mark streaked across eye-level of her face. Whether you include her flower or not, she is much taller than Hanazuki, this is most likely due to her being the older Moonflower.


Kiazuki is a cynical and manipulative individual. She is also forceful with Zikoro. She has never successfully grown a Treasure Tree, and thus harbors within her an obsession in growing one. She to see that growing Treasure Trees is something that requires her to feel something other than a negative and selfish outlook (which she had at first). Her happiness don't selfishness has her prioritizing herself when catastrophe strikes. She is willing to lie and abandon others to save herself. Despite this, she has been considerably "street-smart" in the series, knowing how to deal with hostile threats, handling vehicles, and recognizing different personas in the galaxy.

She lives with her dog-like companion, Zikoro, in a moon "far away" from Hanazuki's.

She has made multiple speaking roles and appearances since A Moonflower is Born but was never properly introduced until the episode Moonflower Sister. The episdoe Big Bad Sickness reveals that she once had other companions like Zikoro that were taken by the Big Bad.

Her Moon

Her moon can be seen from afar in the episodes A Moonflower is Born and Homesick, and up close by the end of Seeing Red. She has a growing pile of dormant treasures from Little Dreamer, and mentions in Friend or Foe that there are Mazzadrils inhabiting the moon. Kiyoshi states that she formed the Garlandians but what stopped her was the Big Bad when it destroyed the moon she lived on.

Treasure Trees

Kiazuki is regularly given treasures by Little Dreamer, but is deeply frustrated that she is never able to grow them. She visits Hanazuki's moon for the sole purpose of being able to grow treasure trees.

Despite the younger Moonflower's advice, Kiazuki holding with Hanazuki's hand this: As can be seen in Moonflower Sister and Friend or Foe, she believes one must be the first to hold the treasure from Little Dreamer in order to grow it, and that helping another individual will make it grow.


Hanazuki hugging Kiazuki.png

After seeing Hanazuki's success from her moon, Kiazuki visited to learn how to grow treasure trees on Moonflower Sister. She was not able to leave because her ship was destroyed upon crash landing. Sleepy Unicorn admitted he dislikes her in Only in Unicorn Dreams and threatens Hanazuki regarding his past and what is to come. Kiazuki was very manipulative of Hanazuki, trying to get her to do the things that she wants.Despite this, Hanazuki remained friendly towards her until she tried to talk the Hemkas into abandoning the moon with her as the Big Bad was coming in Brain in a Cave.

In Big Bad Sickness, upon (temporarily) driving the Big Bad away, she rejoices and declares her victory boastfully. When Little Dreamer descends with a treasure and gives it to Hanazuki, she gets shocked and discharges her rage towards her, telling her that Little Dreamer is always there for her and considers her his 'favourite'.

She concludes that no one understands how she feels yet, but Hanazuki tells her she does miss her little Hemkas and comforts her, which makes Kiazuki feel sad and starts sobbing. Little Dreamer then descends and gives her and Hanazuki a bunch of blue Treasures, and is finally able to grow her first Treasure Tree which is the color blue. In the end, Kiazuki feels relieved for Hanazuki and hugs her in love.


Season 1

  • A Moonflower is Born (debut, cameo)
  • Seeing Red
  • Moonflower Sister
  • Baby Chicken Plant
  • Only in Unicorn Dreams
  • Friend or Foe
  • Forgive and Forget
  • Brain in a Cave
  • Damage Control (cameo)
  • Recovery
  • Rescued (cameo)
  • The Transplant
  • Big Bad Sickness


  • Kiazuki is the second character in the show who is revealed to be a Moonflower, with the first being Hanazuki.
  • Though she has made multiple appearances and speaking roles since the first episode, Kiazuki's name is not revealed until Moonflower Sister, which is the seventh episode in the series.
  • Kiazuki's outfit is meant to resemble that of a kunoichi (くノ一), which is a modern term for a female ninja.
  • Since Kiazuki has her own theories in growing treasure trees, this could imply that she has grown one using a similar method.
  • Kiazuki's was originally named Kurozuki.
  • During Season 1, Kiazuki strongly displayed symptoms of sociopathic behaviors, such as: superficial charm and good intelligence, absence of delusions and other signs of irrational thinking, absence of nervous, reliability, truthfulness and insincerity, lack of sadness and depression, inadequately motivated antisocial behavior, and most importantly, learning by experience. After Hanazuki comforted her, she seems to have banned this behavior.
  • Kiazuki is the first Moonflower to have ears.
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